How to Build a Strong Sales Enablement Strategy: 6 Foundational Tips

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is a term that can encompass the use of technology, team collaboration, content creation, and strategic planning to help your team improve the efficiency of the selling process. While its meaning is broad, if its definition had to be boiled down to one or two words, a fitting pair might be “sales support”. How can the entire team come together to support sellers and buyers? What kind of content would help the team reach its sales goals? How can we better support prospects throughout the buying experience? A strong sales enablement strategy will adequately address these questions and enable the team to perform at increasingly high productivity levels. Remember, sales enablement is all about aligning different organizational efforts toward the shared goal of increasing revenue.

1. Convey the value of sales enablement to your team

With answers just a short search away, buyers are taking a more proactive, independent approach to resolving their problems and looking for remedies online. Ask yourself whether your sales team is doing everything it can to help buyers find your company’s solution on the Internet. Remember, catering to a contemporary audience will require engaging with prospects through diverse social media channels. Using search engine optimization tools can also help draw attention to your organization and its products and services amidst a sea of comparable offerings. To have productive interactions on and offline with prospects, you also want to make sure you have the content you need to facilitate sales conversations throughout the sales process. Your team will need access to more and more content as time goes on in order to be effective social sellers, which leads to our next piece of advice.

2. Generate consistent output

To reach your perfect buyer, you will need to work together with your entire team to create relevant content. Content will include internal materials to assist your sales reps with sales communication, shareable content to assist buyers and their organizations with purchasing decisions, as well as public content to draw in future buyers.

What types of sales enablement content are most important? Sales enablement content that addresses buyer needs for proof of product quality and highlights your company’s reliability and professionalism should be front and center.

When it comes to content, timing really does matter. Be sure to adjust to the evolving needs of your market. Having updated and factually-consistent materials will help convey a unified message to prospects and give sellers the confidence they need to lead sales conversations.

3. Enlist the help of different departments

But who should be in charge of these efforts? Your sales reps can’t take on the full responsibility of content creation. To reach their targets, sales reps need to spend the majority of their time working on outreach and cultivating their relationship with leads. Marketing can’t shoulder the burden alone either. A successful sales enablement strategy will require the input of a well-rounded set of perspectives spanning departments and experience levels.

In addition to different kinds of sales-related content, sales enablement will involve training support such as coaching, clips, and instructional documents. Human resources can be very useful for onboarding and training efforts. You may also need to involve the legal department, which can assist with language clarification questions on key documents during the sales process. As you can see, sales enablement is truly a team-wide effort.

4. Collaborate with executives

Don’t forget to engage with your company executives. Without the support of your organization’s leadership in the early stages of developing your sales enablement strategy, it will be difficult to procure the tools and resources needed for sales enablement implementation later on. Be organized and methodical in your presentation, and be sure to emphasize how your sales enablement approach will address specific shortcomings in your organization’s current sales process.

5. Identify gaps in the sales cycle

Now that you have the attention, support, and commitment of your team and leadership, work together to identify gaps in the sales cycle. Take a look at the sales process from start to finish. Are there any steps that could use some streamlining? Create a sales enablement strategy that incorporates information about sources of inefficiency to boost your company’s productivity and hold team members accountable. Be sure to communicate how key responsibilities may change for each department under the new sales enablement plan.

6. Use technology to take your sales enablement to the next level

Leverage technology to support your diverse sales enablement functions. Technological solutions will be especially useful for the storage and retrieval of materials, training and onboarding purposes, content distribution, as well as to track progress internally.

Having the right sales enablement toolkit will make all the difference during the implementation phase, so invest time in researching which sales enablement software is right for your team’s needs.

Are there any resources that could be put to better use through technology? For example, sales battlecards are one useful type of sales enablement content that can help your sales reps smoothly sail through difficult conversations with detail-oriented buyers. But a common problem faced by sales teams is that battlecards remain under-utilised because they are difficult to retrieve. Attention employs AI technology to empower sales reps to lead informative sales conversations with prospects through the use of voice-activated battlecards. Verbal cues will pull up the relevant battlecard on your sales representative’s screen, so there’s no need to worry about rushed searches for information during calls with Attention.

Another issue encountered when carrying out sales enablement is the trade-off between providing personalized feedback and scaling lessons quickly throughout a team. Training software like Attention provides immediate commentary on your sales reps’ performance and tracks their advancement over time.

Now that you know more about how to approach the development of a strong sales enablement strategy at your organization, be sure you are prepared to successfully implement your sales enablement strategy at the team level. To help you get there, try Attention today.

Top 5 Car Accessories 2022

Owning a vehicle is great but protecting it from different damages may be hard. Sometimes, during your journey, you may suffer different troubles in your car like puncture, low air pressure, navigation issues, and so on. Certain handy tools may help you out to handle such minor troubles. With an advance in technology, different accessories have been introduced that have made the protection of your vehicle easy. Having these accessories will protect you from different troubles when you set out on a trip or adventurous journey.

But what are the top 5 car accessories that I should have in my car? This question may confuse you. If you’re facing difficulty in deciding which accessories you should invest in, this guide will help you. In the later section, we’ll break down some essential accessories and tools that will prevent troubles and will protect your car. Let’s dig out this precise guide.

5 Essential Car Accessories

If you want to keep your car in good shape, investing in tools and accessories that help in the car’s maintenance is necessary. Here are 5 accessories that one must have in his or her four-wheeler baby to keep it in a good shape.

1- Car Cover

Whether you own a car, an SUV, or an RV; a car cover will help maintain the original look of your vehicle. Despite parking your car in the garage, it’s vulnerable to certain damages like scratches, bird droppings, dirt, dust, humidity, and so on. However, the market is full of such protectors that will help protect your vehicle’s paint against all these damages. Here are some benefits of investing in a good cover.

●      Protection Against Bird Droppings

If your car is exposed to the birds while parked in the garage, it may suffer certain damages. Think of bird droppings soon after you park your car after washing it. Avoiding such hazards is easy by covering the car with a good quality car cover.

●      Dirt and Dust Protection

No matter if your car is parked outdoors or indoors, it is susceptible to dirt and dust. This may be problematic for a recently cleaned vehicle. Avoiding damages of dust and dirt is easy by covering your car with a quality cover.

●      Scratch Protection

A cover will protect your vehicle from scratches that may result due to various reasons.

●      A Weather Defender

Bad weather like storms, rain, snow, hail, and many others may cause damage to your vehicle. This is possible to protect such damages by covering the vehicle with a cover.

Differ quality car covers are available on the market. Invest in a good one to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

2- Seat Protectors and Mats

Besides the home and office, a person spends most of the time in the vehicle. So, keeping the interior pleasant will be helpful to make the mood fresh. Along with other concentrations, investing in quality seat protectors is necessary.

Floor mats are the next essentials to keep your vehicle clean and tidy. Having these inside your car will let you dust the dirt from the floor easily. Instead of cleaning the floor daily, which is a tough task, you can clean these mats that will keep your vehicle’s interior clean.

3- Your Favourite Air Fresher

A pleasant smell inside your car will fresh your mood whenever you get inside it. If you invest in outer and inner maintenance of your car but ignore any perfume or air fresher, you’ll fail to make your vehicle appealing. So, invest in making your car’s interior smell nice. You can find natural as well as artificial freshers on the market. It’s good to choose the natural one as it will not cause any allergy to the persons suffering from any respiratory issue. However, if you’re physically strong, you can also go for your favorite artificial fragrance.

4- Tire Maintenance Kit

Besides investing in a comprehensive tool kit, it’s good to have a tire maintenance kit in your car too. The comprehensive kit will help you resolve any normal mechanical issue with your car when you’re on your journey. On the other hand, a tire maintenance kit will also be great to keep the tire air pressure well in place.

The tire kit will comprise a puncture kit, a pressure gauge, and tire inflator. Sometimes, your car may puncture in such a region that doesn’t feature any tire shop nearby and your spare tire is also useless. This thing will make you worry if you don’t have a tire kit in your car. But having such a kit comprising of all essential accessories will prevent you from such tensions. A little skill accompanied by proper tools will help you restore a well shaped tire instantly. So, invest in a tire maintenance kit for a safe journey.

5- Parking Camera and GPS

Not for all the times, occasionally, you may forget the right place you were supposed to reach. This may create trouble for you. Living in an era of modern technology, we can use our cell phones too for this purpose but what if we’re in no network area? In such a case, a GPS tracker inserted in your car will be your true partner. So, invest in installing a GPS tracker in your car to locate the right place instantly.

Along with GPS, a parking camera is also a handy tool to invest in. Sometimes, you may be in a crowded place where parking will be a challenge for you. But having a parking sensor or camera in your car will prevent such troubles. Many brands have launched their outlets of this kind in the market, go for anyone that suits you well.

Final Verdict

Having a car is great to cut the wait for public transportation short. However, its maintenance and repair are costly and take a lot of time. Also, you may suffer any trouble when you’re on your way towards the destination. Some cases will need to visit the technician or mechanic, some may be simple. If you have comprehensive tire kits in your car, you can resolve the common issues yourself. Moreover, it’s good to invest in a quality car cover to protect your car’s paint from scratches and weather effects.