Popular Moroccan Dishes: Food That Can Be Enjoyed by Those Exploring Morocco Travel

Although many will travel abroad or the culture and landmarks, there are others that prefer to plan their travels around some of the delicious food that can be found around the world.

Those exploring Morocco travel will find that the country can offer a wide range of dishes that offer equal measures of subtle spices and combinations of flavours that can’t be found anywhere else.

Of course, those exploring Morocco travel for the first time with the help of exploringmoroccotravel.com may be unsure of where to begin when it comes to trying these new delicacies and may struggle when it comes to making a choice.

Although all Moroccan food is worthy of your time, the following is an outline of some of the North African dishes that should be sampled when visiting Morocco.


Moroccan lunch meals will often start with a series of hot and cold salads that contain a series of different vegetables including green peppers and sweet carrots.

Zaalouk is an aubergine-base dish that consists of chilli flakes, cumin, paprika and sugar. Despite the dish being enjoyed as a starter, it is a salad that can also be enjoyed on its own, although flatbread should always be used for the ultimate Moroccan experience

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Prunes

Offering a perfect balance of sweet and sour, lamb tagine with prunes is one of the staple Moroccan dishes that contain a mixture of fragrant spices including ginger and cinnamon.

The meal is prepared using a cone-shaped pot and can also be prepared using beef. Both the food and the way it is prepared is something that should be experienced by those exploring Morocco travel.


B’Stilla is another example of how Moroccan dishes balance sweet and savoury flavour for a completely original taste sensation.

This special pie is made using thin layers of pastry, pigeon meat, almonds and eggs which are flavoured using saffron and cinnamon.

The dish is often enjoyed as a celebratory meal, those exploring Moroccan travel should ensure that B’Stilla is a dish that is sampled during their stay.

Mint Tea

Often referred to as ‘Moroccan whiskey,’ mint tea is often the drink of choice when enjoying a Moroccan meal.

Moroccan mint tea is made using gunpowder tea, fresh mint, sugar and water and is seen as a sign of friendship in Morocco.

This can be attributed to the fact that Mint Tea is much lighter than coffee, and is a refreshing beverage that is served all day long in Morocco, meaning that there is plenty of opportunity for those exploring Morocco travel to enjoy this delicious beverage that is always prepared with love and care.

Those exploring Moroccan travel will find that the food available is inspired by interactions and exchanges with several other cultures and nations which has helped create some of the most original and delicious dishes available globally.

Japan’s Tourism Boom: Why So Many Tourists are Flocking to the Country

Japan is in the midst of a shocking and unprecedented tourism boom. In 2008, they set a target of reaching 20 million annual tourists by 2020. They hit that goal 5 years ahead of schedule in 2015.

By 2017, they’d already exceeded their goal by more than 8 million, when 28.7 million tourists visited the country. To put that into perspective, that’s around double the number of tourists that visited just 4 years earlier in 2013 (10.4 million). This tourism growth rate is one of the highest in the world.

Since then, Japan has set itself a more ambitious goal. They’ve doubled their initial target and now hope to reach 40 million tourists by 2020. They’ve also made plans to focus more on the tourism market outside of Asia, as most of their annual visitors come from neighboring countries like China.

So, what’s driving this incredible tourism boom? And why is the Japanese government so keen to increase tourism? Let’s find out.

What’s Driving Tourism to Japan?

Here are three things driving tourism in Japan:

Relaxed Visa Requirements

One of the main factors driving the tourism boom relates to visa requirements. As part of its efforts to boost tourism, the Japanese government made Japan more accessible by relaxing visa requirements. Chinese tourists, in particular, now find it much easier to access tourists visas.

Tokyo Olympics

The Olympics will take place in Tokyo in 2020. This has provided plenty of international media coverage for Japan ahead of the event, and lead to increased visitor numbers. Japan hopes to capitalize on the Olympics even more next year as even more tourists flock to the country to experience the event.

Influencer Marketing

Japan’s tourism board has been working closely with influencers as part of its tourism marketing campaign. YouTubers, social media stars, advertisers, and bloggers have been publishing marketing content that shows off the country in its best light for hundreds of years.

Investment in the Tourism Industry

Japan is becoming a more attractive holiday destination for many tourists due to the diverse,rich, and unique cultural experiences on offer in the country.

There are plenty of things to do in Tokyo, from the iconic ‘hanami’ (cherry blossom festival),where visitors can witness the beautiful spring colors; to cutting-edge experiences like the ‘Robot restaurant’, where tourists can dine in style and witness a bizarrely entertaining show,complete with giant robots.

As investment in the tourism industry continues to grow, more and more small businesses are popping up to add to this list of exciting things to do. Tourists are never short of choice when it comes to amazing dining experiences, hotels, tours, and events. Visitors can easily find a list of these exciting things to do on sites like https://metatrip.com/top-things-to-do/tokyo.