7 Great Ways To Cultivate A Work Environment That Embodies Positivity

It is proven that a positive workplace encourages staff productivity and retention. Here are some tips from trainer and keynote speaker on workplace wellbeing Lee Chambers to how keep your workplace full of positivity.


  • Demonstrate gratitude.

Always looking for positive attributes in others is one way to bring out your own positive qualities. Gratitude can help you to see things in a different light. It helps you keep things in perspective and can build trust, respect, and mutual appreciation between people. So, start doing those random acts of kindness today.

  • Keep all messaging positive.

Words are powerful — never forget that. So, be sure to keep all your messaging positive. Communicate through a lens of optimism. You’ll soon see a big difference in the way recipients respond to your messages. Make your words, encouraging, passionate, authentic, and empowering for the biggest impact.

  • Be Thankful.

Start being thankful for things. Everyone craves recognition and to be appreciated for their contributions. Simply saying “Thank you” to a co-worker can go a long way. Try to make being thankful a daily habit — yet, be sure to always be genuine. No-ones appreciates false platitudes.  A quick thank you email is often all people need to stay positive.

  • Get excited about the small wins.

While it’s easy to get excited about reaching a major milestone, it’s important to remember to celebrate the small victories on route. Every time a goal is reached, someone took action, and it’s time to start recognizing that action. Overlooking little wins and robbing employees of well-deserved recognition for “behind-the-scenes” achievements isn’t going to contribute anything towards creating a positive work environment.

  • Smile.

Smiles are infectious, so keeping smiling even if you don’t feel particularly happy. Smile especially when you’re in a bad place. It’s a way to trick your mind into deciding to be happy. A smile with authentic roots is even more contagious. Even if company projections look like the end of the world, it’s important to maintain hope for the future. Everything can be turned around — smile because you know that.

  • Cultivate valuable relationships.

Building relationships is important. Fostering meaningful work relationships is crucial if you want to establish positivity in the workplace. Look for creative ways to relate to your colleagues. Out-of-hours social events can be an effective way to cultivate healthy relationships between co-workers, bosses, interns, and supervisors. Take steps to avoid succumbing to tunnel vision. To create the best work environment, you need to maintain valuable relationships with people at all authority levels.

  • Remain cognizant of your mission.

Your firm’s team mission is a big deal. Knowing the “why” behind what you’re trying to promote will make it easier to stay on task during the worst workdays. If everyone is walking in the shadows and is desperate for a stroke of authentic optimism or hope, take time to remind your team (and yourself) about the “why” behind maintaining a positive approach to the goings-on.

The importance of positivity in the workplace should never be underestimated. It is powerful as it can increase resilience and boost the coping abilities of employees. There will, of course, be days when it seems almost unfathomable to be able to promote positivity, but you need to start embodying the messages you are trying to promote. Commit to seeing the good in even the most difficult of situations — that is the whole point of positivity. Remember, if your own mindset is not strong, it will be hard to recruit others.

CertificationPoint: Successfully Connecting College/Trade School Students w/Business Service Buyers

Educational technology is one a few key buzzwords of today.  As we continue to progress into what is being referred to as the ‘new normal’, we are seeing not only K-12 education affected but also college and university students.  One of the key players in assisting students to hit the ground running with respect to their future career is CertificationPoint, founded by Byron Giles.  Mr. Giles founded CertificationPoint in 2012 and applied for and received a copyright in 2014.

At the core of the reasoning for the tradition of going to college is to mature and expand education in hopes of being a better career fit for future employers.  An area where there has seemingly been a shortfall is the ability or opportunity for gainful employment after college.  A fair amount of blame is normally thrown in various directions to include the college due to the expenses which attending college entails.  Our nation’s colleges are not the point of failure and have done a reasonable job in getting students prepared.  There are times when a portion of the due diligence falls on the society to assist in the preparation of students as they enter the job-market.  Quite a few educational technology resources have stepped up to the plate as witnessed by awards such as Edtech Digest.

Byron Giles, at CertificationPoint, has focused in on assisting student with gaining a level of experience within their future career based on the number of collaborative projects complete.  The platform is similar to the professional freelance platform UpWork, but with CertificationPoint students actually bid on projects based on their experience level.  On the other side of the coin service buyers and businesses can add a mentor to the project for peace on mind that the project will stay on course.  It is an interesting concept which has been gaining considerable attention.

Building work experience while in college can be difficult.  Many traditional students carrying a full course load and many non-traditional students working fulltime with a family.  It’s awesome to see education technology platforms coming to the forefront which allow for not only experience within a chosen degree plan and career field, but also enabling student to close the knowledge gaps which book knowledge without the help of hands-on experience can create.  The closure of some of the knowledge gaps can mean the difference between getting the job as well as hitting the ground and impressing a future employer.

6 Tips to Run a Successful Convenience Store

If your convenience store is not doing as well as you imagined it to do, then following the below tips will help you succeed in running a successful store.

Stock the Aisle Smartly:

Where you organize what product matters because you do not want the customers to get frustrated searching for things in your store hence do not change the layouts often as your repeated customers may find it annoying. Stock essential daily use items in the end as people tend to walk through the aisle to reach those and realize that they need more items which will only increase your sale but keep quickly needed items such as chocolates and magazines in the front of the store for customers convenience.

Avoid Being Out-of-Stock:

Make sure to plan your inventory carefully so that the customers do not return empty-handed. Keep a note of things that needs to be re-stocked every day, so you never run out of items to sell. Also, keep a note of things that do not sell so you do not order extra items unnecessarily.

Focus on Product Quality:

With a convenience store, you need to build people’s trust in the locality hence focus on providing good quality products and always throw away expired products so that the customers do not pick up spoilt items.

Consider the Community:

As your store is in a particular locality hence your store should focus on the requirements of that community rather than stocking generic products. It will take you some time to understand the customer demands but once you have an idea, plan your inventory based on what sells best in your locality and order less of items that are rarely sold.

Decorate Your Store Well:

Human beings are sensory oriented people; hence it is essential to maintain good store aesthetics in order to attract more customers to it. Keep the store clean and plan the shop signboards such that it is very clear and also looks appealing. Do not make your store congested, instead leave a lot of free space in the aisle so that the store looks big and organized.

Provide Quick Check-Out:

Your customers are visiting a convenience store and not a supermarket because they do not wish to wait in long queues, hence make the check-out process as quick as possible. Hire an extra staff for a quick checkout counter to handle customers who need to bill less than five products. The latest addition which can really increase your business and make your store the talk of the town is adding a custom vending machine based on your business requirement so that your customers can directly use the vending machine to buy the product instead of entering the store and searching for it.

The Bottom Line- Make it Truly Convenient:

Remember that the main purpose of the store is to make things convenient for the customers, hence focus on making their lives easy by organizing things for easy access, fast service and ease to return damaged products. Once you take care of these basic expectations, your store will become the busiest in your neighborhood

What is the Working Mode of the Shrink Packaging Machine

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for various foods, medicines and materials has also greatly increased, which has further promoted the rapid development of my country’s food packaging industry. As one of the indispensable machinery in the field of medical and food production, packaging machine is a rapidly developing and promising mechanical system. Shrink packaging machine is the most common automatic packaging machine in the production field, so what is its working mode? Just get to know the editor!

After the shrink packaging machine starts to operate, the feeding motor drives the conveyor belt to run naturally and the materials are continuously transported to the automatic packaging machine. A photoelectric switch monitors the material entering the equipment and then sends the signal to the programmable controller. The programmable controller sends a signal according to the pre-programmed control program to change the stacking solenoid valve that controls the stacking cylinder, and the internal equipment of the stacking cylinder generates corresponding actions .

After the stacking is in place, the stacking magnetic switch detects the relevant signal and sends the relevant signal to the PLC, and controls the output position of the stacking solenoid valve through the program established in the PLC. After the work is completed, the stacking solenoid valve coil is closed and reset in time.

Generally speaking, the bottom layer conditions are controlled by the external counter itself, which is not affected by the program for judgment and manual operation according to different packaging varieties. When the stack condition is met, the plc will get an indication signal to prompt the plc to edit and issue instructions for the next step.

The timing device is an external relay device, mainly used to control the time of the melt sealing knife. The so-called main timer signal is input to the PLC and controls its input time, so as to achieve the scientific design and reasonable goal. When PLC melting knife breakage occurs, the solenoid pressure valve stack outputs a constant command, which makes the melting knife decrease in time.

When the reset operation of the melt knife cylinder actuator, the key to the response is to guide the movement of the cylinder as a prerequisite for the main means of the back of the laminated body, and to push the reset group.

The packaging speed of shrink packaging machine The development trend of packaging machinery in the world is toward the direction of electromechanical integration, simple structure, high production speed, and low production cost. The packaging speed of shrink packaging machine reaches more than 80 packs per minute.

GOLD- An Investing ‘Safe Haven’

Homer called gold ‘the glory of the immortals”. For Incas, gold was the sweat of the sum. Egyptians believe that gold supports them after the life. For thousands of year, gold has tempted explorers, supported empires and has become a market barometer. Its value stems from its rarity. A direct link between gold and currency emerged in 550 BC, when the first gold coin was used in Libya. In the 19th century currency around the world was fixed to gold. This lasted till 1971 when President Nixon announced that the US would no longer exchange dollars for gold at a set price.

For investors, gold still glitters in times of crisis. Its value peaked $1900 an ounce in 2011 and demand often spikes at times of market stress as investors look for a safe haven. Despite the allure, gold is not immune to economic reality.

The thing about gold is that, it has a long term store value. Macroeconomic analysts often identify gold as ‘Purchasing Power Parity’. Gold is a way of anchoring into valley on an international basis. Therefore, it is a safe haven for people who are particularly suffering from currency crisis. Gold is traditionally used as a safe haven destination in times of uncertainty.

The price of gold is normally calculated in dollars and moves in the opposite direction to the greenback. This is due to if the US currency gains in value, then it takes lesser dollar to purchase an ounce of gold. The price of gold wrecked in March as the dollar bestirred. Due to this, the spot gold price (the cost at which the precious metal can be instantly traded) fell below $1500 per ounce for the first time in 2020.


People can invest in physical gold in the form of coins, bars or jewellery. To store it safely, and to find a market to trade it through, is costly.

Another way of investing gold is buying shares of gold mining companies. This can be acted as a leveraged play on gold if its price goes up. If the profits of the mining company go up this would potentially boost returns.

One of the most trusted ways to invest in gold is Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs). They are an investment vehicle traded in shares on an exchange, which tracks the elemental pricing index of that commodity.

In the meantime, funds can associated these different types of exposure to gold and therefore, making it perhaps the best way to an assorted solution.

Gold tends to recover within the days and weeks afterward and in general goes to new horizons, exclusively if equities remain depressed. If we go through the recessions, globally we will witness selling of gold in order to meet additional margin calls.

Investors generally buy or invest in gold for diversity from standard assets inclusive of stocks, bonds, real estate and private equity. Investors are also attracted towards gold because it is liquid, easy to buy and sell.

The fact that gold is an anonymous, portable currency, that holds its value over time and acceptable virtually everywhere makes it stand out from the crowd. Fxtriangle can help you build substantial wealth by investing in forex managed accounts through reputable brokers. Managed account trading service is for such investors who are novice and has limited or no idea about the forex market.

Selecting the Perfect Payment Gateway Partner in 2019

Whether it’s due to an incomplete understanding of payment gateways or misinformation, not all businesses choose their payment gateway integration partner[s] based off of the potential growth factor for their business.

Choosing the right partner means asking the right questions regarding their potential impact on your organization or application.Here are a few important things to consider when selecting the perfect payment gateway partner:

The Onboarding Process

A happy customer is the best referral generation strategy.

The perfect payment gateway partner will accommodate a simple onboarding process for with plenty of support going forward. Customers love simplicity, and easy onboarding is a great way to ensure positive feedback and referrals. 

Potential For Scalable Growth

Your payment integration should be expandable.

Don’t fall into the trap of only weighing your current needs when selecting a gateway partner. As your business grows, you may require additional features such as tokenization, a card account updater, and mobile payments. The correct partner’s technology can grow alongside your business.

PCI Compliance

Non compliant businesses are subjected to large fines and security risk.

Choose a payment gateway partner that has your back when PCI compliance standards force change on the way your software handles transaction data. Your payment partner should take PCI compliance by the reins and steer you away from risks like financial liability, loss of customers and hefty fines.

Optimal Security

The right payment gateway should offer 1) point-to-point encryption (P2PE), and 2) tokenization.

There is no perfect answer to all security threats, but P2PE and tokenization in particular are a necessity. P2PE provides optimal security and greater efficiency for handling cardholder data, while tokenization securely stores cardholder data.

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Trading online via a broker requires trust and its always important that you know the one who is a fraud or legitimate from scam warning org. because we can help you avoid getting scammed.  A review on ATBcoin is essential because it’s one of the bitcoin broker options which people have been using to trade and it’s right for one to get the proper knowledge about it. Unfortunately, some people have claimed of getting scammed by ATBcoin, and they don’t know how they can get their funds back. Let’s see here how this scam website operates.

About ATB Coin

ATB coin is claimed to be a blockchain cryptocurrency which is designed to deliver a secure, fast-blazing payment with zero costs for their clients. The design can be used to overcome any inefficiency known within other cryptocurrencies and central banks of the government. ATB coin advices their clients that they believe everyone can initiate their transactions privately, securely and anonymously. It also boasts of its innovations which can’t be compared to any other coins.

Verification of ATB coin


As found on this website, the concept behind the buzzwords in this full industry doesn’t amount to anything special despite its claims of being anonymous, decentralized and secure.


There is no verified history on the team’s work, and it also appears as if they use interviews which are fake so that they can gain traction. We didn’t find anyone on their team who has any business or working history.


There is no development which has been significantly made despite ICO accepting funds; hence the maps clearly show failed promises from their part. It’s a clear indication that you need to be careful.

Signs of brokerage scam

  • The address of the company displays a location warning because it shows that it belongs to a virtual directory
  • Their YouTube channel has experienced inflations from subscribers which shallow views
  • We found discrepancies in their LinkedIn history because there was no validation of the prior launch on the coin or the team
  • Followers on their Instagram page are inflated
  • Shill behaviour from the community was detected after noticing new accounts


As you can see here, there is no need to take a step on investing in ATBcoin because according to the crypto-community, this coin has no substance. They also use cheap strategies to market themselves through fake interviews by the co-founder who has a readable script. The software used in their wallet is also not code signed. An unknown publisher created their executable window. You can click here to visit our site so that you can find out which coins you can legitimately trust.

Permanent vs Temporary Staffing – The Pros and Cons

Many companies, across industries, use a mix of permanent and temporary staff to conduct their operations. However, both permanent as well as temporary contracts can have their own impact on the output of the employees.

Here is a list of pros and cons you need to consider before you decide on any employment option:

Pros and Cons of Permanent Employment

Job security, financial stability, and long-term prospects are a few factors that encourage and motivate permanent staff to do well in their jobs.

Having worked for many years in the same company, they will be in a better position to understand the goals and values of the company and align with its mission.

They will be more inclined to develop skills so as to progress through the ranks in a faster way.

It is these members of your staffs that meet their targets, exceed expectations, and maintain high standards of performance.

Also since they are permanent, they establish strong relationships with the other stakeholders of your business that helps them become experts at their jobs.

Their growth will be well-aligned to the growth of your company and are more committed and loyal to their roles.

That said there are high chances that your permanent staff members can get involved in office politics that might impact their performance negatively.

Pros and Cons of Temporary Staffing

Temporary staff is brought in to complete short-term projects or attend to the demands of a particular event or season. In most cases they might even outperform your permanent staff in their efforts to prove their worth.

Having said that, one of the main advantages of hiring temporary staff is that you can maintain ideal staffing level at all times. At no point of time will your current workforce feel overworked or over-burdened. You will have happy and productive employees throughout the year that can do wonders for your organization.

Cost-reduction is another advantage of temporary administrative staffing. You don’t have to worry about providing benefits such as employee perks, worker compensation, health insurance, retirement security, and vacation days to your temporary staff. Also if you hire temp workers who are already skilled and experienced, you won’t have to bother about providing them any training.

Hiring and recruitment is a very time-consuming process that involves training, managing payroll, and completing HR and compliance functions. But when you hire temp staff, all of this would be done by the staffing agency.

If you are not happy with your temp staff, you can ask the staffing agency to replace them at any point of time. At the same time, if you feel that a particular temp employee can be a great asset to your team, you can always hire him or her on a full time basis.

Temporary staffing thus gives you an opportunity to test your employees and assess their skills much ahead of time. Not only will this reduce your hiring risks, it will also help you build a strong team that you can always rely upon.

You don’t have to choose between temporary and permanent staffing. The ideal thing to do would be to use temporary staffing as a means to find your permanent staff members.

How to Manage Channel Partner Performance?

Your channel program is up and running, your new channel partners are on-board, joint business plans have been agreed. What now?

Now comes the real work. Identifying which partners have the capability to become your star performers that will help your company to achieve its strategic goals. It’s also time to start learning which partners may end up holding you back and either need more channel management support, or be dropped. In other words, it is time to evaluate and manage your channel partners’ performance.

The first step is to hold a review meeting with all of the relevant stakeholders. Obviously this should be scheduled for a time when significant progress should have been already made against the previously agreed joint business plan. It should be a more formal meeting with relevant stakeholders and an effective structure:

  • Who should attend?
    • Sales, Marketing, Training, Technical and any other relevant team members from both sides.
  • What will be the agenda?
    • An agreed structure is important.
    • Accurate data must be available to inform the review process. Try to avoid relying on opinions.

The joint business plan should have already identified what the process for accountability and addressing failures should be, and this should be used as a guide during the meeting. The meeting should revolve around metrics and data as much as possible focusing on areas such as marketing, sales, training, finance, product development / extension / intellectual property and of course any miscellaneous areas of relevance.

What are some examples of the metrics that could be used? Well for example, best practices in channel management training suggests that marketing metrics might include:

  • Overall marketing ROI (ROMI)
  • How many MDF claims by the partner have been accepted/denied during period?
    • What is the amount per claim?
  • What pipeline was created during the period?
    • MQL’s V SQL’s
    • What is the trend?
  • What progress has the partner made with digital marketing?
    • If this is important to the vendor

And miscellaneous metrics for the period could analyse the trend for items such as:

  • Partner profitability
  • Overall engagement
    • Training, events, social media, content marketing
  • Solution specialization
    • Are they becoming expert in a high priority emerging solution / technology / industry?

All of this data could be presented in an easily digestible format such as a KPI Scorecard, often used in channel management.

KPI Performance:

Sales $100k $70k Decisions pushed to next Q
Marketing 50 SQLs 70 SQLs Improve conversions.
Training 3 SEs trained 3 SEs trained On track
Product New Beta Completed On track


The channel management team may also consider developing a capability scorecard for the partner. This can be used to benchmark partners against one another as well as identifying capability gaps for your channel partners. You may decide to share their results with partners comparing their results versus the average and top performers. This can often form the basis of a roadmap for long-term success.

Once the review of the previous period has been completed it is then important to focus on the future, looking at next period planning. The following are sample marketing activities that could be considered.

  • Develop two new joint case studies.
  • Work with vendor marketing team to launch 4 digital co-marketing campaigns.
  • Get at least $50k entered into vendor deal registration system.
  • Secure $25k in co-op and MDF marketing funding from vendor marketing team.
  • Co-host booth with vendor at XYZ event.

Once the partner performance review is complete it is important to wrap it up formally. This should include a general discussion for the next period covering:

  • Performance by the partner.
  • Performance by the vendor.
  • Vendor updates.
  • Any other business.
  • Schedule next review.

Evaluating partner performance is a critical task for channel managers to assess partner performance versus targets on KPIs that are aligned to strategy. A formal structure and agenda for the meeting is essential and should include a discussion of targets and actions for the next quarter. It can also be helpful to discuss long-term capability development and future value-add.

Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses

Getting the fundamentals right can make or break a small business like yours.  One of the most important building blocks for entrepreneurial success is choosing the right pricing strategy.

So what are the top pricing strategies to consider?  In this post, we’ll cover the main options to help you decide which is right for you.

Economy Pricing Strategy: Though it’s not an ideal approach in most circumstances, many small businesses try their hand at this lowest common denominator style of pricing.  The idea behind economy pricing is simple: offer the cheapest price on your products.

It’s a strategy that certainly gets customers through the door, but it’s not sustainable for most small businesses.   Large retailers can afford to cut external costs to maintain their profit margins, but few small businesses have this luxury.  We recommend that you avoid this type of competitive pricing, however tempting it may be, unless you have the connections and cost cutting capabilities to still make a healthy profit.

Premium Pricing Strategy: When done well, pricing your products according to this strategy can actually reap more profits.  Premium pricing functions just the way it sounds – businesses who use this approach price higher than the competition in order to increase value perception in the eyes of their customers.  This, in turn, can boost sales.

If you choose this approach, however, make sure your products and your shop or service offer quality to match your prices.  Brand, market, and produce carefully and you could see big profits.

Discount Strategy:  This strategy involves providing regular sales and discounts. It’s often a strong method for increasing sales, yet, if done poorly, it can cause more harm than good.  If you choose to offer regular discounts, make sure you are making enough profit margin to stay in business!  Be aware as well, that offering too many sales may cause customers to see your products or services as low value.

Value Pricing Strategy: Value based pricing requires a bit of research to implement, but is often a great approach in the long run.  It is simply structured on the concept that price is based on your customers’ value determination.

In order to use this strategy correctly, you must first understand how much value your customers place on your product.  For example, if you sell white t-shirts you could charge anywhere from a few dollars for a scratchy and poor quality piece to over a hundred dollars for a designer-made and organic Egyptian cotton example.  This strategy depends upon nothing more than the perception of value, so if you choose to use it, make sure you’ve done your market research and your profit calculations.

It’s absolutely essential that small business owners and managers like you take the time to properly vet pricing options.  If not, you risk the very survival of your business.

In addition to using the best pricing strategy for your business, it’s also essential to get payments right.  Agile Payments offers payment system integration services including Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Systems.  Find out more today.