Learn About Plants and Trees for Survival

If you live in the countryside, you may already be familiar with many of the plants and herbs as well as trees and mosses that grow in the area. When planning for survival situations it is a good idea to stock up on knowledge of local flora and make a list in advance of your need. A note-book prepared in advance can be of incalculable help if or when the worst case scenario materialises. If now, when you have time and energy and resources available, you set out to study the area you spend most time in, researching the local plants and trees that grow there, you will find it extremely useful in a survival scenario. If you fail to carry good freeze dried food to sustain you in the wild, you won’t regret investigating…

Edible plants and herbs

You should start by drawing up a list of edible herbs, roots, berries and other plants in your vicinity. Go out and study the different vegetation in your local area; this is a good way to develop the skills of observation and recognition you might need in order to survive an emergency.A good working familiarity with the local vegetation will come in handy if you ever need to survive with nothing but a pocket-knife. There are many plants you can eat raw but beware because there are many plants out there that are poisonous. Plants that can be useful should be identified and jotted down in the note-book and you should do this as frequently as your schedule allows you. This is a good experience for you and your family to engage in because it teaches everyone the rules of nature and at the same time, enables you and your group to bond better.

Universal Edibility Test

This is a test designed by the U.S. Armed Forces and it describes the way to test plants for edibility by trying out different portions at a time for allergy reactions or poisons. There is no general way to know by looking at a plant if it is edible or not, the plant or plant parts need to be tested. This is done in stages where you try out different portions until you determine that they are safe or not. Do not try this with mushrooms unless you are an expert mushroom picker. Never eat berries that you are unfamiliar with. Colouring at times is nature´s warning system for protecting creatures from poisons, but it is not infallible. In this matter, careful preparation and good foreknowledge is the best advice.