All about Businesses you can run from a Self Storage Unit

When you are the owner of a small business, you do not want to invest much. Your priority is a minimum investment with maximum returns. Small businesses can be run from home, but it makes your place quite messy. Renting an office space is extremely expensive. A middle way is to rent a self-storage unit which gives you that extra space to run your small business and also does not clutter your home. Most important of all is that self-storage units like public storage Virginia Beach can be rented at quite an affordable rate.

Businesses that can be Run from a Self-Storage Unit:

From-Home Catering and Bakeries

Running a home-based bakery or catering business needs a small space. It can be done from your house but that would mean storing the cooking appliances at home which you do not need on a daily basis. A self-storage unit is a good idea to run such small businesses; you also get that extra place to work. You can just get a kitchen table, equipment and supplies and start your business right away.


Whether you sell on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc or your own website, you need space to store the stock or else the alternative of storing it at your home might clutter your personal space. Self-storage unit is a great affordable way of running your business by letting you store all your stock in a sufficient space.

Video Production and Photography

With proper lighting and green screen, a self-storage unit can easily be converted into a photo/ video studio. You can set up your desk and laptop too. As an added advantage, it is a very secure place to store your expensive photography equipment and it gives you the privacy to work on editing your images and videos.


If you like to fix things, renting a self-storage unit is a good option. It lets you store your tools and also gives you a place to work independently.

Content Writer

We all know that a writer needs privacy and a dedicated space to work without any disturbance. A climate controlled self-storage unit can be converted into a writing office easily.  It can be a great place for concentrating on work as no one would disturb you.

Craft Businesses

Small craft businesses need supplies and a small set up. This can be easily done in a self-storage unit. It gives you an isolated environment to work without cluttering your home with the craft supplies.

Direct Sales Businesses

Not only e-commerce but several home-based demand-supply businesses such as Tupperware can be done through self-storage units. It is a great place to store all the extra stock.

Lawn Care

Lawn care companies or individuals can store their equipment in such units and use them only when they get a job. A small unit can be rented out to store the equipment’s to run the business.


Running a business from a self-storage unit sounds appealing but make sure you talk to the store manager to make sure they allow running such businesses using their facilities. Most of them do but few facilities have certain restrictions.

Setting up a business in a self-storage facility can be a smart decision for many small businesses. It gives you space and privacy to run the business at an affordable and reasonable rate which is great for any business.