How Organic Vaping is Helping Smokers Quit

‘Quit Smoking’ is a resolution which many people pledge every year and they dedicatedly try to really get rid of this habit but because smoking is really addictive, most people relapse into old habits.

A recent survey has suggested that the smoking habits of people have reduced as compared to the last decade as people have become more and more health conscious nowadays.

To quit smoking, people are shifting towards e-cigarette, vaping and patches but it could take multiple attempts before a smoker can quit smoking completely. People are nowadays bent towards organic vaping products from safest e-liquid brand which is less toxic resulting in higher health benefits.

Tips for Getting Rid of Nicotine Addiction:

Getting rid of the addiction to nicotine will not happen overnight. getting rid of this addiction is a slow and steady process.

Below are some tips to help you quit smoking;

Decide a Date:

You need to fix a date when you will quit smoking forever. This date needs to be entered in your calendar and you should stick to it. This is the first step towards better health.

Discard all Cigarettes:

Keeping cigarettes in your vicinity may really tempt you to take a drag and before you know you will fall back into your old habits hence discard all the cigarettes you possess.

Download a ‘Quit Smoking App’

Keeping a track of the number of days you have quit smoking and your mood swings in an app are helpful. Such apps motive you more to not fall back into your old patterns.

Reduce Nicotine Content Gradually:

You cannot just stop smoking overnight. Quitting such addiction can only happen gradually or else relapse is definitive. One of the safest approaches is that once you quit smoking, vape organic e-liquid with a certain amount of nicotine. You will find several different nicotine content options, choose as per your requirement. You can start with 12mg or 6 mg and gradually reduce it over a period of time to 3mg and 0 mg but do not stop taking the organic vape liquid as you may get tempted to smoke again.

Join a Support Group:

To quit smoking alone is not easy. Join a support group of people who are also trying to quit. This will help all of you to keep each other motivated and you will have someone to talk you out if you ever crave for a cigarette again.

See a Therapist:

Many times, people smoke because they are emotionally stressed hence such people relapse again and again into their old habits. Quitting smoking is not going to help them if they are unable to process their emotions. Visiting a therapist may ease out their emotions and help against relapsing.


Many entrepreneurs are shifting to the industry of organic cigarettes as they believe that this is a booming industry as it provides natural ingredients in its products which provides both, satisfactory experience and health benefits.

As people are shifting towards healthier options, the organic vaping industry is going to boom in future opening opportunities for new businesses to grow. 


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