Spotting Danger Signs within Your Marriage

Marriage can be the most beautiful and wonderful experience of our lives. We enter into this commitment together with our loved one with a happy heart and with so many wonderful hopes and dreams for the future. The journey which we set out on together, however, is not always one which is filled with roses and happily ever after. We live in the real world and in the real world things happen. People grow apart, become complacent and take each other for granted. This can happen to any of us at any point so we need to keep an eye on our relationships and ensure that we do not grow away from our spouse.

Danger signs

If one or the other of you is feeling bored, the conversations which used to be so very scintillating have dried up and you can barely raise a smile to one another in the morning then you may well have a problem. If the intimacy has gone, there is no kissing or affection anymore then you must do what you can to remedy this and nip it in the bud. Often through the pressures of everyday life and work, we can become tired and disillusioned however your spouse should be your safe haven and the one you can go to escape from upsets and hassles.

If your loved one is evasive and won’t open up to you when you try to talk with him, then there could be a significant problem. Often when a couple is growing apart or one half is having an extramarital affair, communications can be extremely strained. These are only a handful of the signs which you need to look out for. Often your instinct will lead you to an answer before anything else does.

What if my worst suspicions have been confirmed?

If you do find out that your husband or wife has been having an affair then you need to decide what to do next. You will no doubt need some time apart to get over the shock and to collect your thoughts and feelings. You will also need to ascertain whether it is viable or not for you to stay together. It can be beneficial around this time to take legal advice. You need to know where you stand with regards to property law, family law and so on. There is impartial help, support, and advice out there which can help. If by any chance you happen to be from near Concord New Hampshire, I would hugely recommend this team of Cohen & Winters.

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