3 Powerful Strategies for Real Estate Marketing

Realtors do a lot of thing to sell their properties. Buying newspaper and magazine ads, putting properties on to listing sites, hosting open houses, distributing flyers or business cards, putting signs in front of the properties, and promoting on their social media pages, are only a few of them. But if you want to gain an edge over your competition, you will have to do something different.

Here are a few unique tactics you can try in order to sell or rent your properties at the earliest:

Look for life events on Facebook

Almost everyone who uses Facebook today love to brag about their life events. Whether it is an engagement, a marriage, a pregnancy, a birth, or moving to another city, they have to put it up as soon as it happens. For advertisers and especially realtors like you, this type of information can be pure gold.

Most of the major events involve changes that can transform lives.  Right kind of spaces would be needed to accommodate these life changes. For instance, people who have just moved to a city might be looking for a place on rent. People who have just got engaged, married or even pregnant, might want to buy homes that are within their budget. Target all such events within the area that you serve. You can in fact come up with different ads to target different life events.

Make sure your copy is emotion-invoking

Photos and videos, although of great resolution, may not always be good enough to sell your properties. You will also have to focus on creating compelling content that connects you with your audience. Include excellent descriptions with the photos and videos that you put up. Make sure you give a reason to the potential buyers to buy your properties. Use phrases that capture attention and are emotionally-hooking. Hire a professional copywriter who can give you copy that sells.

AirBNB your properties for your prospects

Everyone would want to test drive a car before buying it. Similarly they might also like to get a feel of the home before buying it. This experience might go much beyond just walking around the house, imagining what life would be in that place. Let your prospects live in the property they want to buy, for a few days. You can charge them for this stay but it will get them ready to buy the property immediately.

It is clean and shiny properties that sell fast. Look for a professional strata cleaning Brisbane service and get every nook and corner of your property spotlessly cleaned. Instead of just selling a property, try selling them a lifestyle they have always dreamed of.