6 Cleaning Techniques Used By Most Commercial Cleaning Services

From floors to walls, carpets to toilets, windows to equipment and furniture, commercial cleaning services can clean anything, making your office space looking absolutely spotless. Knowing the cleaning techniques they use will make it easier for you to choose the right service for your office space. Here are some of the most common cleaning techniques used by commercial cleaning services:


Rotowash is best for cleaning carpets and escalators.  Rotating brushes are used in this technique to remove the dirt, dust, and other particles from an escalator or a carpet. Once removed, all of the particles will be sucked up through a vacuum process, cleaning the surface thoroughly. A cleaning solution will then be applied for a lasting effect.

Truck mounted steam cleaner

If you need thorough cleaning of your furniture and carpets, this is what you should go for. This technique involves vacuuming, chemical-wash, pressure-wash, and suction to efficiently lift off dirt and dust from various surfaces.

Deep extraction

Deep extraction is best done for fabric and carpet cleaning. It involves use of cleaning agents and conditioners to clean the surfaces thoroughly. Any left-over particles are then sucked out through vacuum. Care is taken to remove dirt and dust from every crevice, irrespective of how hard it is to reach.


In this technique a deep-cleaning compound is first spread over the carpet. The compound gets dissolved into the rug, absorbing all the dirt, dust, and other particles. A counter-rotating machine is then used to crystallize the residue and then vacuum it.

Steam cleaning

This technique is excellent for removing oil and oil stains from surfaces. An environmental-friendly option, this technique makes use of high-temperature steam to remove dirt and oil from surfaces. The resulting residue is then sucked up through vacuum. No chemicals are used at any stage.

Floor maintenance

Tiled flooring is comparatively easier to clean. However, stubborn stains and grime can make this tougher. Floor maintenance involves scrubbing, buffing, and polishing of the floor using machines. Then the floor is thoroughly cleaned of any stains through dust mopping, wet mopping, and vacuuming.

For cleaning electronics such as computer keyboards, telephones, and calculators, commercial cleaning companies use germicidal disinfecting wipes. In an effort to appeal to the environmentally conscious public, more and more commercial cleaning Sydney companies have started going green in their cleaning methods. Apart from cleaning various surfaces, they are also making sure the products that they use create no harm to the environment.

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