Office Cleaning Checklist – Is Your Cleaner Providing you These Services?

Once you finalize on a professional office cleaning Brisbane service, you want to make sure you get full value or your money. Here is a checklist of services that your office cleaning provider should be offering you:

#1. Vacuuming

Apart from vacuuming the daily debris from the floor areas of your office, the cleaning service that you choose, should also vacuum the work surfaces, fabric chairs, and vents. If you have books files and folders, have the cleaners vacuum the tops of these so that they don’t accumulate dust.

#2. Sweeping and mopping

All the hard floor and tiled areas of your office should be swept and disinfectant-mopped before the cleaners leave your workplace. Make sure the surfaces appear shiny clean and are free of any kind of stains. The disinfectant used should emit a pleasant smell that seems welcoming to your guests and employees.

#3. Trash removing and recycling

All waste bins in your office should be emptied, washed, and readied with new liners before the cleaners leave your office. Make sure they take proper measures to segregate waste and recycle so that no damage is caused to the environment.

#4. Window cleaning

All the glass areas of your office including windows should be wiped down cleanly so that onlookers can have a good impression of your company. Also make sure the cleaners clean the window panes and remove any debris that might be stuck within.

#5. Plant cleaning and caring

If you have indoor plants in your office you have to make sure your cleaners wipe each and every leaf of your plants and remove any dust that might have accumulated. Dead leaves should be removed and the plants have to be properly watered for optimal growth.

#6. Wiping door handles, light switches, and telephones

Door handles, telephones, and light switches are things that are touched and used by all your employees. They have to be disinfected regularly if you want to prevent nasty bacteria and germs from spreading. Make sure the cleaners you hire wipe these areas cleanly before leaving.

#7. Kitchenette cleaning

All reflective surfaces in the kitchenette have to be wiped down clean and disinfected. Trash has to be emptied. Refrigerator has to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

#8. Restroom sanitizing

Wash basins, toilets and the fixtures of the washroom have to be cleaned and sanitized properly. The soap dispensers need to be refilled. The mirrors have to be wiped down. Disinfectant has to be sprayed on the sides of all surfaces such as doors, sinks, appliances, and toilets.