Symmetra: Orderly Perfection

Someone aspiring to become an architect should understand the importance of order, to keep most things symmetrical for balance. Symmetry applies not only with physical appearance but also with structure and integrity. Whether it is building a house or an office workspace, as long as it fits the needs of someone, the architect makes sure to measure out the suitable dimensions for each area of the space. Not to mention that an architect undergoes advanced education in a span of 4 to 5 years, internship included, and has to take a licensure exam to become certified. A long way to go, but if building stuff up is one’s passion, then it may be worth the hard risk.

Now, imagine when the concepts of architecture are mixed with mystical applications, like bending light to shape such creations. Add a flair of grace through traditional practice instead of going through the norm, and then people will see one of the Overwatch heroes with such mechanics in full swing. Her name is Symmetra.

The Sun-Kissed Architech

Symmetra’s real name is Satya Vaswani, living with her poor family in Hyderabad in the past. Because of the female’s full potential to become a light-bending architect, she was sent to Vishkar Corporation, one of the most influential names in terms of providing self-sustainable structures for those affected by the crisis. The academy that was under the company’s wing became the place for the woman to study and train, though at the cost of not returning home or even seeing her family again. She became one of the top students, though her procedure for light-bending was a unique one; Satya incorporated the traditional dance moves from her homeland when she summoned her creations. This is one reason why her gestures and body movements are elegant when using the skills on the battlefield.

Symmetra became her codename since it was given to her by the corporation and she was assigned various missions involving negotiations with contractors, thus expanding the corporation’s influence all over the world while eliminating the competition. Just like anything else, however, the plan is not without some setbacks. One example was with the destruction of the Calado Tower courtesy of Sanjay Korpal, who is a double agent. Symmetra saved the citizens from the burning wreckage. After that, the city center was built in the tower’s place, with the Vishkar Company using the workforce for its benefit.

Personality-wise, Symmetra believes in order and perfection, so don’t be surprised whoever she shows actions similar to people who have an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, fixing crooked things or even noticing imperfections and correcting such mistakes to fit her taste.

Working alongside the corporation leads her to believe that its plans are for the sake of progress, though there are her doubts if humanity will be benefited from such plans. She also believes that it was rude when others ask her about having to fit into the usual spectrum of the ever-changing society. Not to mention that because of her belief in order, freedom is a concept that she would it difficult to grasp at, more so with distasteful opinions over such matters.

While some may find her personality to be a bit too much, what matters the most is that her Photon Beam is a useful tool for damage, together with her constructs as well as her ultimate skill, the Photon Barrier. Symmetra is also available as one of the heroes utilized by the folks skilled in boosting in overwatch, mainly for faster progress in most matches.

Truly, Symmetra is a beauty to behold when one’s taste is towards someone relatable in terms of keeping things in order, on and off the battlefield.

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