What is the Future of Television?

Television has always been a staple of entertainment for people of different generations and all over the world. A lot has changed in recent years with many embracing the newer digital viewing experience.

Gone are those days when the entire family would gather around the television to watch one of their favorite shows. Today they can watch whatever they want on any device of their preference, wherever they may be.

If you ask what is the future of television, one can clearly say it is streaming.

Streaming services have actually transformed the way people consume content and watch television. Convenient and reasonably priced, these services provide instant access to movies and shows. Using AI and machine learning, these services even recommend shows that a customer may be interested in watching.

Niche content has become more accessible through on-demand viewing. Now people don’t have to wait for a week for the new episode to be telecast. Nor do they have to worry about flipping channels to avoid annoying commercials. They can binge-watch their favorite shows and enjoy a delicious digital viewing experience without any kind of interruption.

The only problem that customers face with streaming services is limited access to top shows. If they want access to all the top shows they will have to subscribe for a number of streaming services, which can work out to be much more expensive than cable TV. To tackle this issue, many streaming services have now started creating their own content. Their focus is on improving their customer experiences.

A lot of expansion is expected to happen with the current trends. Considering the data that is available, a lot of original content is expected to be created in the next five or ten years. The focus of all streaming services including the streaming service by Apple, will be on delivering niche content to the people who will actually want to watch it.

With many people cutting the cord, it is quite obvious how much customers crave personalized content that is convenient to watch. The increase in data capabilities has definitely led to the emergence of many streaming services. All this is soon going to make the future of television, customer-driven.

Television is not just about providing entertainment; it is also about creating better experiences. Interactive content is the way. Netflix has already started offering it to improve their customers experience. It is only a matter of time before the others jump the bandwagon as well.