Trading online via a broker requires trust and its always important that you know the one who is a fraud or legitimate from scam warning org. because we can help you avoid getting scammed.  A review on ATBcoin is essential because it’s one of the bitcoin broker options which people have been using to trade and it’s right for one to get the proper knowledge about it. Unfortunately, some people have claimed of getting scammed by ATBcoin, and they don’t know how they can get their funds back. Let’s see here how this scam website operates.

About ATB Coin

ATB coin is claimed to be a blockchain cryptocurrency which is designed to deliver a secure, fast-blazing payment with zero costs for their clients. The design can be used to overcome any inefficiency known within other cryptocurrencies and central banks of the government. ATB coin advices their clients that they believe everyone can initiate their transactions privately, securely and anonymously. It also boasts of its innovations which can’t be compared to any other coins.

Verification of ATB coin


As found on this website, the concept behind the buzzwords in this full industry doesn’t amount to anything special despite its claims of being anonymous, decentralized and secure.


There is no verified history on the team’s work, and it also appears as if they use interviews which are fake so that they can gain traction. We didn’t find anyone on their team who has any business or working history.


There is no development which has been significantly made despite ICO accepting funds; hence the maps clearly show failed promises from their part. It’s a clear indication that you need to be careful.

Signs of brokerage scam

  • The address of the company displays a location warning because it shows that it belongs to a virtual directory
  • Their YouTube channel has experienced inflations from subscribers which shallow views
  • We found discrepancies in their LinkedIn history because there was no validation of the prior launch on the coin or the team
  • Followers on their Instagram page are inflated
  • Shill behaviour from the community was detected after noticing new accounts


As you can see here, there is no need to take a step on investing in ATBcoin because according to the crypto-community, this coin has no substance. They also use cheap strategies to market themselves through fake interviews by the co-founder who has a readable script. The software used in their wallet is also not code signed. An unknown publisher created their executable window. You can click here to visit our site so that you can find out which coins you can legitimately trust.