5 Things you must Do While in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most popular traveling destinations of the world. Whether you like mountains, jungles, beaches, or art, you will find everything there.  Here are a few things you can do, if you are planning a trip to Ecuador:

The Equator Line

The main thing you need to see in Ecuador is the Equator line. In fact this is why the place is called Ecuador. Symbolized as a bright yellow line, it is just not possible for you to miss this iconic destination. Like most others do, you can take a picture here with one leg on each side of the equator, one in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere of the world.

The Most Modern Area of Ecuador

Guayaquil should be your next destination in Ecuador. The largest city of the place, this modern city has everything you can think of – trendy bars and galleries, art venues, high end hotels and fascinating restaurants.

The Amazon

You can’t miss the amazing Amazon Rainforest if you are planning a trip to Ecuador. You should ideally begin your journey from the town of Cena. From here your fun adventures begin. You can also enjoy white water rafting and kayaking if you are up to it.

Hot Spring Bath in Banos

If all that hiking and traveling in Ecuador has made you tired, you should be up for a nice steamed natural bath. Banos city in Ecuador has a lot of hot spring baths – thanks to its volcano thermal waters. Not only is it a breathtaking-sight it is also a soothing one.

Qui for Food

A hot refreshing bath will only make you think of food. Two things you have to try out while in Ecuador are soups and Empanadas. You get a variety of them. Nevertheless, if you want to try a specialty dish of Ecuador, you can ask for a “Qui.” Also called guinea pig, this is the traditional dish of Ecuador.

If you are up to some more hiking or biking you should pay a visit to Cotopaxi, the biggest volcano in Ecuador. Many tour agencies in Ecuador offer trips to those who wish to climb this summit. In case this is not for you, there are a lot of churches and beaches you can visit while in Ecuador. Montanita is one of the well-known beaches where you can enjoy some surfing and sun bath. There are a lot of bards, cafes, and nightclubs for entertainment.