9 Best Anime Gift Ideas for a Friend Who is Anime Lover

If you have that one otaku fan in your life, it becomes evident that whatever you choose as a Christmas gift for them, it should be related to their favorite anime.

This post was inspired by giftideasclub’s article on anime gifts which includes tons of gift ideas for anime fans and has merchandise for all popular animes. So, don’t forget to check it out!

Here is a list of gift ideas for the special otaku fan in your life.

1. Anime Christmas Sweaters:

How can we not add a sweater as a Christmas gift? Let’s just make it more interesting by getting one with some of the most famous anime characters, like Itachi, Ichigo, or Levi Ackerman. This is not just an interesting gift but also a very useful one too.

2. An Anime Mask:

Wearing face masks has become mandatory nowadays, and if that is the case, why not make it fun? Instead of the bland blue and back surgical masks, get your friend a bunch of printed anime masks. This is a very unexpected gift that is out of the box and will really be loved by a true anime fan.

3. An Anime-Inspired Calendar:

The Christmas season also indicated the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. Why not use this occasion to gift a personalized anime-inspired desk calendar for that workaholic friend of yours who needs a little fun reminder now and then.

4. A Customizable Phone Case:

The one thing that most people cannot let go of in their entire day’s schedule is their phone. This only means customizing a phone case based on what your friend will adore is a great Christmas gift idea. Why not get an anime character printed phone case that gives their valuable phone extra protection and looks adorable.

5. Anime Coasters:

Anime characters inspired resin coasters are thoughtful and also pocket-friendly for a friend who does not appreciate expensive gifts from anyone.

6. An Anime Art Book:

This is perfect for your crafty friend, who would love to satisfy their creative side. We all are so busy nowadays that we forget to brush up on our hobbies. An art book with anime characters will definitely make your anime fan friend want to invest more time in art.

7. Anime Movie Poster:

For a hardcore anime fan, it is a no-brainer. Get a minimalistic anime wall poster that is not loud and matches their room’s color palette. No one would appreciate a really loud poster after all. Just get one that goes with the concept of the room.

8. Anime Printed Mug:

This might sound like a generic gift idea, but honestly, it is still a popular one. A personalized mug with your friend’s favorite anime character can actually make their coffee time more pleasurable.

9. Anime Playing Cards:

Playing cards is a classy entertainment form during the Christmas holidays. Be it a night of poker or solitaire, an Anime themed card deck can add that extra fun to the entire game and can be an unexpected surprise for an anime fan.

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