Things to Look Before Renting a Fully Furnished Apartment

If you move a lot, it only makes sense to rent a fully furnished apartment rather than getting your own furniture pieces, which can get expensive to move around. Renting a furnished apartment also reduces your liability, and you are more flexible to move across the country as and when needed. But before you rent such an apartment, there are certain things you need to check, as discussed below.

  1. Check for Damage:

As you are liable to pay for any damages that happen after you start living in the apartment, you need to thoroughly check if everything is intact. Especially when you are shifting into a furnished apartment, you will have to check if the furniture pieces and appliances are functioning right. If you find any damages, immediately report it to the owner so that they can get it fixed.

  1. Consider Energy Consumption of Electrical Appliances:

It is a fully furnished apartment; it will come with all appliances. That does not mean you accept it. You have to ensure that the appliances provided consume less energy. Check if the appliances have been updated in the past few years and the energy consumption rating. If they are not as per the needed standards, request the owner to replace them. You do not want to end up paying high electricity bills.

  1. Consider Comfort:

As the furniture pieces, such as the couch and bed, already exist, you need to sit on them to ensure that the cushions are comfortable. Especially the bed mattress needs to offer you the proper comfort, or else you will end up with back, shoulder, or neck pain. Many fixer uppers offer refurbished furniture pieces that look good but lack comfort. Do not go only by the looks, ensure to check if it is comfortable before signing the lease papers.

  1. Look for Functionality:

The rental should not just be decorated to look nice. It needs to be a functional space, too. Look for spaces that offer enough storage and sleeping space. If it is a 1-bedroom flat, the couch should be a pullout just in case you have visitors. Look for similar functionalities before you finalize the space.

  1. Recheck the Apartment During Day and Night:

While finalizing a rental, you should visit the space in sunlight to see if the house is naturally lit. During the night, check if the light fixtures provided are enough to keep the space bright, or you have to request them to add more lighting to the space.

  1. Ensure the Locality is Right:

While renting an apartment, it is not just the interior you should be concerned about. Also, look out for the locality. Try to rent an apartment in a good locality such as USC Off-Campus Housing, where you will find security and a good community. Also, the area should not be far away from your workplace to avoid an excessive commute.

The Bottom Line:

Do not settle for an apartment if it does not feel right. You will always find a better option. Spend enough time to look around, and you will definitely find one that checks all the boxes.

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