Factors to Consider While Choosing Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding is an important exercise that many people around the globe participate in. while carrying out this process, you would at one time want to use the bodybuilding supplements since they provide the body with strength and some nutrients that are vital for performance. Many stores and companies are selling various brands of the bodybuilding supplements. However, not all these companies provide the appropriate supplements. Therefore as a body builder, it is important to have certain factors in mind while choosing the bodybuilding supplements.

Quality of the product matters a lot: The quality of the product is observed with the effect the product displays when consumed. Not all companies produce a quality product. The performance always varies from company to company. Some company produce the best bodybuilding supplements whereas others are not. It is important to go for the best quality. If you want to purchase it, it is advisable to first check on what people say about the product, the client reviews, and testimonials. When a certain product is consumed by many then it is with no doubt that the product is of standard quality and therefore it is consumable and the results are positive. Quality also revolves around the safety measures because there are low-quality products that sometimes deter human health.

Cost is another essential factor to look at while choosing a bodybuilding supplement. You realize that individuals have varying financial abilities. Not everyone can afford the standard or the high price. Therefore, along with other considerations, a body builder should buy according to financial capability. Not that it should be cheap but the product should be affordable. This is following the fact that there are companies who just tend to sell their products at a higher price when the product is just of similar quality as other companies.

One can also consider looking at the reputation of the company that is producing the bodybuilding supplements. Most buyers of bodybuilding supplements have a custom of purchasing from the most trusted brands/ companies. This is because these brands have never failed them in terms of satisfying their bodybuilding need of quality nutrients. As a result, most of the customers have decided to stick with their product. It such a case you realize that their performance has been recognized and have been reputed well for what they bring to the table.

Other chemical based factors like spot-checking the source of the protein and the BCAA ration are also commendable. When it comes to protein source it is advisable to go for the whey protein because it is easily absorbed into the body thus results in fast results. The BCAA ratio is essential for tracking the growth and maintenance of the body. The best ratio always consists of isoleucine on one side and leucine on the other side. This type of ratio is always ideal for fat loss exercise, muscle build-up, and fatigue control. Be aware there are other bodybuilding supplements with the wrong ratios.

5 Ways that CBD could be Helpful to Students

Schools normally strive to provide a conducive learning environment for students, however, learning is not always easy for some learners. This is because students have to face issues such as parental expectations, exams, fear of the future, and social pressure. This is why many parents today are giving their school-going children CBD oil to help boost their academics in different ways. CBD hemp oil consists of non-psychoactive substances that work in different ways to enhance academic performance. Below are ways that students can benefit from using CBD.

Help students to focus 

In the traditional school setup, students are required to sit still in class for several hours every day. However, it is unnatural for students to hold their attention continuously for an extended period. This is because there are so many distractions around them and some learners may have conditions that can negatively affect their attention span, for example, ADHD. To enhance attention span, cannabidiol can be used to help boost their focus and help them concentrate for longer periods.

Improves sleep

Adequate sleep is crucial for good mental health. By getting adequate sleep the body is able to refocus for the new day ahead. It is without a doubt that sleep is just as important as water and food is for human survival. However, many students do not get enough sleep because they have to juggle between class, assignments, extracurricular activities, and even working to earn a living. Inadequate quality and amounts of sleep can interfere with the learning ability and academic functioning of students. If a learner is having trouble sleeping, then CBD oil can help alleviate this problem.

Enhances physical recovery

Most students take part in different extracurricular activities that help them maintain good mental and physical health. However, while engaging in these activities, students normally get minor injuries, bruises and cuts .Since CBD oil can help to soothe and alleviate the physical pain, this enables the student to continue with their daily routine without experiencing unnecessary interruptions. By eliminating these pains and aches, students can focus on their academic work.

Boosts Confidence

Students have varying degrees of self-confidence because no one is confident about everything. This is usually the total value that a learner places in his/her abilities or how they perceive themselves. Pupils with high self-confidence will have no fear of the unknown and they will handle every situation with an “I can do it” mentality. Those with low self-confidence will fear being embarrassed and will pull back from situations where they feel that things are not going well. CBD Oil is a natural health option that can help to restore confidence and help students handle their school activities with ease.

Enhances productivity

Cannabidiol is not a magic product that works wonders overnight to enhance the productivity of students. However, it can play a major role in the outcome of a learner’s day because of the relief that it offers in other areas of life that enhances productivity. CBD improves sleep and this increases the ability of a student to concentrate, focus, and make good decisions. Lack of sleep is known to cause increased irritability and negatively affect memory. CBD can also eliminate nervousness that affects productivity by causing overthinking about social interactions and school work. This makes students focus on other things instead of accomplishing what they would wish to achieve. CBD is a natural substance that can be used to eliminate the many barriers to productivity among students.

From the issues outlined above, it is clear that CBD holds the potential of helping students deal with most of the issues they face in their daily life. However, most students are still hesitant to use CBD. In addition, many guardians are not comfortable with introducing CBD to those under their care. What these students and guardians do not know is that cannabidiol is safe to use and does not necessarily lead to psychological or physical dependency.

Top Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Simply brushing your teeth every day is not enough to achieve healthy teeth. It takes a lifetime of care. Apart from opting for the right treatments at the right time, it is also important that you use the right oral-care products that can help you take care of your teeth and prevent any kind of problems in the future.

Here are a few things you need to include in your routine, if you want healthy teeth at all times:

Always brush your teeth before going to bed

All of us know that it is important to brush teeth at least twice a day; yet most of us avoid brushing our teeth before going to bed. If you want to keep away the germs that kill your teeth and prevent the accumulation of plaque, you will have to brush your teeth every day before going to bed.

Brush properly

How you brush your teeth is more important than how many times you brush. Keep aside some time for brushing your teeth every day. Move your tooth brush gently in circular motions, taking care to remove plaque. Left unremoved, it can harden and lead to buildup of calculus. In the long run this can also turn into gingivitis (early gum disease).

Clean your tongue regularly

It is not just your teeth that accumulate plaque. It can build up on your tongue too. Left unremoved, this can lead to bad mouth odor, giving rise to even more oral health problems. All that you need to do is brush your tongue gently every time you brush your teeth.

Make sure your toothpaste has fluoride

Whitening power and flavor is what most people look into while buying toothpaste. But one of the most important elements that you should look for, in toothpaste, is fluoride. Fluoride fights germs that lead to decay and provides a protective barrier for your teeth. It is the best defense you can get against tooth decay.

Flossing is as important as brushing

Flossing is something most of us ignore when it comes to maintaining oral health. According to Dentaldorks.com, flossing goes much beyond getting rid of the food stuck between your teeth. It reduces plaque, stimulates your gums, and lowers the inflammation in the area. You have to make it a point to floss once a day if you want to reap these benefits. Young children and older adults might find it difficult to do flossing. But there are many ready-to-use dental flossers that you can use to make your job easier.

There are a few more things you can do to keep your teeth healthy. While eating crunchy fruits and vegetables is one of them, it is also important for you to drink water after every meal. Cut down on acidic and sugary foods and visit your dentist regularly.

How to Get Glowing Skin for Summer Season

Your skin needs extra attention at ALL TIMES! When summer season sets in, it can make you sweat and the sun could damage your skin in a number of ways. In order to get glowing skin, you must follow a beauty regime. Every woman in this world deserves to feel fresh and flaunt naturally glowing skin. The good news is that it is quite simple to get the glow! Here’s a quick post that talks about the ways to get glowing skin for summer season.

The Best Natural Ingredients For Happy Glowing Skin 

The skin is fragile and applying chemical-induced products can cause a lot more damage. When you are exposed to the sun and harmful rays, your skin may turn dark and dirt/excessive oils could cause pimples.

Let’s start with natural ingredients!

  • Turmeric and Gram Flour – Mix turmeric and gram flour with rose water or milk. Make a thick paste and apply it on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off. Gently pat dry and see the difference! You can use it twice-thrice in a week.
  • Lemon and Sugar – You do not have to make a lemonade! Mix lemon juice and sugar. Use this solution as a scrub on your face. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water. Lemon is used as a skin-lightening ingredient. You will find it in most of the skin-lightening skin products. The sugar helps in removing the dirt and dead cells.
  • Yogurt and Cucumber – Simply grate the whole cucumber and mix it with yogurt. Apply it on your neck and face. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and wash it off. Cucumber is used for providing a cooling effect and it also rejuvenates your skin. This will also reduce the swelling and help you feel fresh all day long. You can use it twice in a week.
  • Rose water – You can soak rose petals in water and keep it in the fridge overnight. It will be better if the rose water has the goodness of aloe vera and witch hazel. Use a cotton ball to dab the rose water deep into your skin. You can also use the sprayer and then dab with a cotton ball.
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that is excellent for your skin. People usually use it for burns and cuts. It leaves a cooling effect! You could buy an aloe vera mask or use fresh aloe vera for making a mask for your face. You can mix aloe vera with honey, milk and turmeric. Apply it on your skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it with warm water and you will notice that the skin gets brighter.

Takeaway Advice 

In summer season, you love to dress up and look fresh. With the above-mentioned home remedies, you can get glowing skin without shelling out a lot of money. Bid adieu to chemical-induced products. Also, stay hydrated and invest in natural products from reputed brand.

Make sure you get enough sleep and use all-natural ingredients to take care of your skin. Summer heat can be harsh and so, you must stay fresh all day long!

The Unexpected Environmental Consequences of the Cannabis Industry

As you probably know, the liberalization of laws on cannabis use has been speeding up in recent years. Towards the end of 2018, Canada’s administration took the momentous step of legalizing the recreational use of cannabis. Just a few months later, the US Congress voted in favor of the farm bill, thus legalizing medicinal cannabis across the country.

These two important events, in particular, caused the cannabis market to expand rapidly. Since then, people up and down the continent have been growing, purchasing, and using cannabis at unprecedented rates.

In light of this, a lot of attention has been directed at the potential consequences that this widespread adoption of cannabis can have on people.

For example, billboards across Canada have been erected warning people not to drive after smoking or eating cannabis. Meanwhile, policymakers in the US are paying close attention to medical research and using it to inform regulations on how medicinal cannabis can and can’t be used and sold.

However, it’s not just people that the cannabis industry can have consequences for – it’s the environment too. Unfortunately, far less attention has been directed towards this important topic.

Energy Consumption: A Cause For Concern

The biggest cause for environmental concern in this area relates to the cultivation of cannabis. Regulations and policies on cannabis cultivation in the US favor indoor operations, which is pushing many farmers to grow their cannabis plants indoors.

The problem with this is that cultivating cannabis indoors really isn’t all that energy efficient. According to a study by the International Cannabis Farmers Association, just half an acre of indoor cannabis production uses the same amount of energy as 298 households would use across a whole year.

The reason energy consumption is so high is that artificial lighting and heating is required to maintain the right climate for the plants to grow. If these farmers were to grow their plants using the sun’s light instead, operations would be much more energy efficient.

In fact, data shows that four season greenhouses use as much energy as 82 households, whereas greenhouses that rely on the sunlight use as much as just 15 households – that’s more than 5 times less.

Energy consumption is the driving force behind climate change, and reducing national energy use should be a key goal of all environmentally conscious nations. The US and Canada need to do more to address this pressing concern and encourage more sustainable farming practices if they want to meet the energy consumption targets set by the Paris Accords.

The Impact of Cannabis on Fresh Water Supplies

The effects of the cannabis industry on the environment extends beyond energy consumption. Another area of concern is how it may affect our fresh water supplies. The problem is that all pharmaceuticals can potentially have a significant impact on the freshwater environment by contaminating bodies of water.

More governmental discussion is needed to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem, especially seeing ass North America’s lakes account for a huge portion of the world’s freshwater supplies, and millions of citizens are dependent on them for clean, safe drinking water.

7 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Go

Busy professionals cannot afford to lose a single minute in a day. they are always on the go hence to be able to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in such a busy schedule seems to be extremely difficult, but it is not an impossible task.

By being smart and making simple changes, you can easily stay healthy on the go;

1. Start Your Day with Health Boosting Drinks:

Starting your day with body rejuvenation drink such as hot lemon water and honey or metabolism boosting drink such as Apple Cider Vinegar just takes a few minutes, but the health benefits provided by them lasts the entire day. Apple Cider Vinegar also aids in digestion, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and controls the insulin levels in the blood which adds on to its many advantages

2. Keep the Breakfast Simple:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should never skip it. Remember skipping breakfast will cause lowering of your body metabolism hence without fail, eat the first meal of your day and follow the same routine every day. Planning complex breakfast will consume a lot of your time and will eventually lead to missing it a few days. Instead, plan simple meals such as boiled eggs and bread, or just a simple sandwich with some fruits, this will make sure that you do not skip this meal.

3. Pre-Pack Snacks for the Entire Day:

When you are busy at work, you may forget to eat regular snacks timely hence packing the snacks every morning so that you can just grab the snack from your bag and eat it within minutes would encourage you to maintain a healthy diet which will improve your overall health.

4. Buy Grocery for the Entire Week:

Busy executives do not have the time to visit the supermarket every day to purchase one or two items. Make a list of food items you will require the entire week and shop ahead during the weekend so that ingredients for your entire week’s meal is readily available.

5. Carry a Water Bottle:

Drinking water is essential to maintain healthy digestion, high metabolism, and controlled weight but most of us forget to drink water while being busy at work and even if we remember, we postpone it just because we tend to concentrate on completing the assignment first. A simple solution is to keep a bottle of water on your desk and keep sipping water from it. You can refill it during lunch hours, this will help you to keep your body plenty hydrated.

6. Walk and Talk:

Incorporating an active lifestyle is also important to maintain fitness but most of us who have a desk job have a sedentary lifestyle. Just to break this trend, start walking more in the office. Take calls on your mobile so that you can walk and talk. Conduct standing meetings, if possible, stand and work in between so that you get more active during the daytime in office.

7. Conduct Work Discussion in the Office Fitness Area:

Many executives are so busy that they work for 8-10 hours every day which practically gives them no time to work-out. A new trend can be created in the workspace where long discussions can be held in fitness and gym area. Working out moderately and engaging in the discussion will help you stay active as well which will increase the blood flow to the brain and make you more productive. It is a win-win.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while being super-busy is not impossible if you can plan your meals well ahead and commit to moving whenever you can.

How Organic Vaping is Helping Smokers Quit

‘Quit Smoking’ is a resolution which many people pledge every year and they dedicatedly try to really get rid of this habit but because smoking is really addictive, most people relapse into old habits.

A recent survey has suggested that the smoking habits of people have reduced as compared to the last decade as people have become more and more health conscious nowadays.

To quit smoking, people are shifting towards e-cigarette, vaping and patches but it could take multiple attempts before a smoker can quit smoking completely. People are nowadays bent towards organic vaping products from safest e-liquid brand which is less toxic resulting in higher health benefits.

Tips for Getting Rid of Nicotine Addiction:

Getting rid of the addiction to nicotine will not happen overnight. getting rid of this addiction is a slow and steady process.

Below are some tips to help you quit smoking;

Decide a Date:

You need to fix a date when you will quit smoking forever. This date needs to be entered in your calendar and you should stick to it. This is the first step towards better health.

Discard all Cigarettes:

Keeping cigarettes in your vicinity may really tempt you to take a drag and before you know you will fall back into your old habits hence discard all the cigarettes you possess.

Download a ‘Quit Smoking App’

Keeping a track of the number of days you have quit smoking and your mood swings in an app are helpful. Such apps motive you more to not fall back into your old patterns.

Reduce Nicotine Content Gradually:

You cannot just stop smoking overnight. Quitting such addiction can only happen gradually or else relapse is definitive. One of the safest approaches is that once you quit smoking, vape organic e-liquid with a certain amount of nicotine. You will find several different nicotine content options, choose as per your requirement. You can start with 12mg or 6 mg and gradually reduce it over a period of time to 3mg and 0 mg but do not stop taking the organic vape liquid as you may get tempted to smoke again.

Join a Support Group:

To quit smoking alone is not easy. Join a support group of people who are also trying to quit. This will help all of you to keep each other motivated and you will have someone to talk you out if you ever crave for a cigarette again.

See a Therapist:

Many times, people smoke because they are emotionally stressed hence such people relapse again and again into their old habits. Quitting smoking is not going to help them if they are unable to process their emotions. Visiting a therapist may ease out their emotions and help against relapsing.


Many entrepreneurs are shifting to the industry of organic cigarettes as they believe that this is a booming industry as it provides natural ingredients in its products which provides both, satisfactory experience and health benefits.

As people are shifting towards healthier options, the organic vaping industry is going to boom in future opening opportunities for new businesses to grow. 


Don’t Let PTSD Trap You Home!!!

Traveling can be much more difficult if you have PTSD as unfamiliar places can increase your anxiety but that is no reason why you should completely give up on traveling. Traveling to unknown places which are crowded, noisy or other unpredictable scenario can make any PTSD patient uncomfortable even if they are undergoing some sort of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment like therapy or medication.

You just need to do a detailed planning for the next trip you wish to take, and we will help you with the steps;

Know What Triggers Your PTSD:

First, you need to understand what triggers you to plan the trip step by step avoiding those stressors. Worry about every detail of the travel.

Take a Short Trip:

If this is the first time you are traveling, do not plan a far-away destination. Being not very far from home can calm down your nerves and train you for more trips in the future.

Plan for Emergencies well Ahead:

Travel can be unpredictable and how much ever detailed planning you do, sometimes few situations which may stress you might be unavoidable. Make sure you have a plan made well ahead for such a situation. Keep your therapist’s contact as your emergency number and inform him/her well ahead of your travel plans so that they will be available to pick up your emergency call. Keep your medications handy and also search for a support group in the travel location well ahead of travel.

Travel During Off-Peak Season:

If you can plan to travel in off-peak season, you will find relatively less crowd in the location, the airport and the flight which can make you more comfortable and give you privacy.

Inform the Airport Staff About Your Condition:

If traveling in the U.S., you can declare your condition to airport staff, and they will let you board the plane early and also you are qualified to carry your support animal on the flight. Do some research on these grounds before you book a flight.

Take a Guided Tour: 

Taking a guided tour can make your entire travel structured and less stressful. You can opt for a hop-on-hop-off bus to take you around the city.

Do Not Overexert:

Traveling non-stop can stress you out giving rise to PTSD symptoms. Instead, plan your travel such that you get a lot of rest. Take a day off in between just to rest at the hotel and rejuvenate.

Review Routes and Hotel:

Nowadays you get all the information online. It is better to check out images of the hotel room you are staying and the overall layout, this will make you prepared and comfortable when you arrive at the hotel. Also, download the map of the location you are visiting to know the routes well ahead of your travel.

Use Sound Blocking Headphones:

When traveling in crowded areas, use your sound blocking headphones, it will help block all the busy noises and help prevent a PTSD episode.

Carry Item that Comforts You:

Bring small items which comfort you and makes you feel homelike if you feel panicked or anxious. You can also bring pictures of family members to bring you back in a happy place.

We understand that PTSD is a condition which can make traveling not so easy for you but planning well ahead and being organized about what you would need can help you when you travel. If you are determined to have a great time and renew your spirits, then what are you waiting for? Just hop on a plane after you plan in detail your next vacation to relax and rejuvenate.

Your Guide: What Should You Expect from Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Hi beauties! I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this before (because telling the Internet about my body hair is not something I do often), but I have hair. Hair that grows back in the blink of an eye. Hair so prominent that I started shaving my arms because my bf’s was less obvious that mine. I also rock a ladystache if I’m not careful. I think this is because I have suspected PCOS (lady troubles, to cut a long story short).

All this means that I’m really interested in different forms of hair removal. I’m a wimp about wax, hair removal cream works a bit but I mostly shave. So, things like laser hair removal are always on my mind. At the moment, the only thing putting me off is my unemployment (okay and maybe the ‘wimp’ thing). Lol. That hasn’t stopped me looking into things. And if you’re the same way, today’s Your Guide guest post on what to expect from laser hair removal treatments might be useful. Take a look!

What Should You Expect from Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Do you think that laser hair removal is a good way for you to get rid of unwanted hair? Have you more or less decided to undergo the procedure? Well, if so, it’s important to know what you can expect throughout the entire process. So, here’s a quick explanation of how the entire process works.

Making Sure You’re a Good Candidate

Not everyone is a good candidate for laser hair removal. That is something that you should discuss with your doctor or specialist. However, in general, it works best on people with darker hair. So, you should definitely keep that in mind.

Selecting a Clinic

If you and your doctor or specialist have determined that you would be a good candidate, the next step is selecting a clinic or medical office such as Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Fort Lauderdale Area to perform the procedure for you. You might be tempted to go with the clinic that is geographically closest to you, but here are some things to ask yourself:

  • Are they using the right type of laser for my skin type and the procedure I want?
  • Are their prices reasonable?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they seem knowledgeable?
  • Do they seem to have happy customers?
  • Are their staff members properly certified?

Make sure that you get the answers to these and other questions before you schedule a procedure with any clinic. You should be completely comfortable with your choice, or you should continue searching for a better clinic to perform the procedure.

Adjusting Your Pre-Laser Hair Removal Routine

Before you have a hair laser procedure you should also adjust your routine a bit. For example, it’s best to avoid going out in the sun too much for several days before the procedure. Too much sun exposure can cause problems. Also, it’s best not to wax the area within a few days of having the procedure performed. Otherwise the laser may have trouble finding roots (follicles) to target.

Undergoing the Procedure Itself

As far as the procedure itself goes, you should expect to be at the clinic for a maximum of about two hours, especially if it’s your first visit. That includes time to fill out necessary paperwork. Once the paperwork is filled out, the procedure itself is likely to take around an hour, depending on how much of your skin is being treated.

During treatment your skin is likely to feel hot. You might also experience a slightly uncomfortable “zapping” sensation. It may feel like a mild static electricity shock, or like someone is snapping several elastic bands against the skin in the treated area.

Recovery, Side Effects, and After Care

You really shouldn’t have to worry too much about recovery, side effects, and after care. Although, blisters do happen on occasion. Also, your skin will be sensitive to sunlight for several days after the procedure. So, you should try to stay indoors or wear strong sunscreen as much as possible. Even so, it’s a small price to pay for skin that will stay smooth for a long time.

How to Determine Your Body Shape

I like people watching.  Everyone is so different.  But no matter what size they are, people generally have one of the four body shapes:  ruler, hourglass, pear, or cone.  Your body shape is pre-determined genetically and does not change whether you are taller, skinner, or fatter.

Your body shape depends on how your weight is distributed on your frame. You can be overweight and still considered a ruler.  In my early 20s, I mistakenly believe that my body shape is a pear.  I figured that since the bottom half of me is heavier than the top, I must be a pear since I was too big to be a ruler (little did I know that 10 years later I would roll my eyes at that comment while I sit here writing.  Such naiveté is only cute on the young.).

The 4 body shapes and where the weight is distributed

One body shape is not better than the other.  Your body shape only determines where your body distributes your weight.  Your body shape is like the color of your eyes; it is determined by the genetic lottery pool in your genes.  Sure some people might have a preference for blue eyes, but it does not mean there is something wrong if you happen to have hazel or brown eyes.  You just need to make the best of what you are born with.


  • Little to no difference in the measurements between your chest, waist, and hips
  • Tend to store excess weight in your midsection
  • Very few curves


  • Significant difference in the measurements between your chest and waist (and hips and waist)
  • Tend to store excess weight in your upper and lower body, but more slender at the waist
  • Curvy


  • Significant difference in the measurements between your waist and hips (with the measurement on your hips considerably larger).
  • Tend to store excess weight in your hips, thighs, and butt
  • Eyes tend to zero in on the lower half of your body when looking in the mirror


  • Significant difference in the measurements between your chest and waist (with the measurement on your chest considerably larger).
  • Tend to store excess weight in your back, chest, arms, and stomach
  • Eyes tend to zero in on the upper half of your body when looking in the mirror

Using your measurements to determine your body shape

It is more difficult to determine your body shape when you are overweight.  If you are anything like me, you probably only see your trouble spots.  Many women tend to think they are pears because they naturally have curves in the lower half of their bodies or are focused on the size of their thighs when they are overweight.  Your body shape is not determined by your size or your weight.  It is determined by how your weight is distributed throughout your body.  You can be small breasted and still be considered a cone.  It is the circumference around your chest that counts, not your cup size.

The three measurements you need to take are the circumference around your chest, waist, and hip:

Chest: Place the tape across the middle of your breast or chest and around your back.  Exhale before taking your measurement

Waist: Place the tape around your waist, 1-inch above your belly button

Hips: Place the tape at the widest spot below your hips but still above your butt

Compare your measurements to the guidelines below to find your body shape (remember it is the proportion that determines your body shape, not the numbers itself):


  • All three measurements tend to be relatively close with no significant differences between your chest, waist, and hips
  • Common measurements: 34-30-35, 36-33-37, or 40-36-42 (notice how there is less than a 5-inch difference between any of the measurements)


  • The measurements between the chest and hips are relatively close
  • There is at least a 6-inch difference between your chest /hips and waist.
  • Common measurements:  33-26-33, 36-30,38, 34-28-35, 39-32-38, or 42-35-44 (notice how there is less than 3-inch difference between the chest and hips)


  • The measurements between the chest and waist are relatively close
  • There is at least a 6-inch difference between your waist and hips
  • Common measurements:  34-30-38, 36-30-44, or 32-28-39


  • The measurements between the waist and hips are relatively close
  • There is at least a 6-inch difference between your chest and hips
  • Common measurements:  36-32-30, 40-36-33, or 34-30-29

Final Thoughts on Determining Your Body Shape

I used to believe that I am a pear when in reality I am a ruler.  No matter how hard I work my abs, I cannot get that hourglass nip at the waist like my sister.  I need to work with my body shape instead of fighting it.  I can work on my upper body muscles to make my waist look smaller.

Your body shape only defines how the weight is distributed on your body.  You can be overweight and still considered a ruler.  I know when you think of ruler, the automatic image is a thin person.  If you look closely at the measurement guidelines above, an overweight person can be a ruler; their measurements are just proportionally bigger.  How is this information going to help your weight loss goals?  The first step to identifying weight loss exercises for your body is to find your body shape.

If you want to find out more information about dressing for your body shape, you might want to read The Pocket Stylist. Please note that the book offers a good discussion about body shape and dressing, but does not offer as much photos as I would have liked.