Don’t Let PTSD Trap You Home!!!

Traveling can be much more difficult if you have PTSD as unfamiliar places can increase your anxiety but that is no reason why you should completely give up on traveling. Traveling to unknown places which are crowded, noisy or other unpredictable scenario can make any PTSD patient uncomfortable even if they are undergoing some sort of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment like therapy or medication.

You just need to do a detailed planning for the next trip you wish to take, and we will help you with the steps;

Know What Triggers Your PTSD:

First, you need to understand what triggers you to plan the trip step by step avoiding those stressors. Worry about every detail of the travel.

Take a Short Trip:

If this is the first time you are traveling, do not plan a far-away destination. Being not very far from home can calm down your nerves and train you for more trips in the future.

Plan for Emergencies well Ahead:

Travel can be unpredictable and how much ever detailed planning you do, sometimes few situations which may stress you might be unavoidable. Make sure you have a plan made well ahead for such a situation. Keep your therapist’s contact as your emergency number and inform him/her well ahead of your travel plans so that they will be available to pick up your emergency call. Keep your medications handy and also search for a support group in the travel location well ahead of travel.

Travel During Off-Peak Season:

If you can plan to travel in off-peak season, you will find relatively less crowd in the location, the airport and the flight which can make you more comfortable and give you privacy.

Inform the Airport Staff About Your Condition:

If traveling in the U.S., you can declare your condition to airport staff, and they will let you board the plane early and also you are qualified to carry your support animal on the flight. Do some research on these grounds before you book a flight.

Take a Guided Tour: 

Taking a guided tour can make your entire travel structured and less stressful. You can opt for a hop-on-hop-off bus to take you around the city.

Do Not Overexert:

Traveling non-stop can stress you out giving rise to PTSD symptoms. Instead, plan your travel such that you get a lot of rest. Take a day off in between just to rest at the hotel and rejuvenate.

Review Routes and Hotel:

Nowadays you get all the information online. It is better to check out images of the hotel room you are staying and the overall layout, this will make you prepared and comfortable when you arrive at the hotel. Also, download the map of the location you are visiting to know the routes well ahead of your travel.

Use Sound Blocking Headphones:

When traveling in crowded areas, use your sound blocking headphones, it will help block all the busy noises and help prevent a PTSD episode.

Carry Item that Comforts You:

Bring small items which comfort you and makes you feel homelike if you feel panicked or anxious. You can also bring pictures of family members to bring you back in a happy place.

We understand that PTSD is a condition which can make traveling not so easy for you but planning well ahead and being organized about what you would need can help you when you travel. If you are determined to have a great time and renew your spirits, then what are you waiting for? Just hop on a plane after you plan in detail your next vacation to relax and rejuvenate.