Samsung Phone Repair: Reasons to Bring Your Phone to Experts

Your Phone is a very important aspect of your everyday life and it’s just very normal if we want it to be working the best of its ability. Admit it! It’s so frustrating when our Phone does not work well especially if we need it badly. We use our Phone for communication, for entertainment, and for our business and work every day. Without it, life would be so inconvenient.

Now, instead of buying a new phone when your current Phone is in trouble, people tend to bring it to technicians first before deciding to acquire a new one. And if you want your Phone to be fixed right away, always bring it to experts. If you own a Samsung model of Phone, there are authorized Samsung Phone repair shops that you can consult. These shops are authorized by the manufacturer to look into Samsung phones. Of course, before they became authorized, they have undergone enough training which made them experts in such field.

Samsung Phone Repair Specialist

You should not just consult any technician out there. Make sure that you are dealing with experts when it comes to your Samsung phone repair. Here are some advantages when you consult the experts:

More Parts Available

Most issues on troubled mobile phones require replacement of parts. If you go to Samsung Phone Repair, the parts that would be needed in your Phone are usually available on their shops. Moreover, they also have all the sizes and types of screw drives that is properly used in opening and fixing the Phone.

Lesser Chance of Worsening your Phone’s condition

If you think you can fix your Phone just because you have seen a DIY video on Youtube, please think for how many times if you can really do it. If you are not that confident in working with your Phone, it’s better if you bring your Phone to Smart Phone Repair shops. Just leave it to the experts and your Phone shall be handled with care.

Money Saving

When it comes to repairing your Samsung Phone especially if you owned those high-end ones, it will surely be cheaper than buying a brand new phone. The price that you would be spending for replacement of parts is nothing compared to the amount that you need to spend when buying a new high end model of Phone.

Now, if you don’t want to create a bigger headache for yourself, then consult the experts. Don’t worry about the price. Surely, it won’t be higher than buying a new phone. In Samsung Phone Repair shops, they have websites where you can have initial assessment for repair. You may input a description about your Phone, provide details and the website will provide you with instant quotation. Through this, you can prepare the needed amount of fee for repair.

Moreover, some repair shops also offer home service. You can simply contact them and they would be glad to visit your home or office or any location to check your Phone. This service is great for those who may be too busy at work or daily activities.

Now, get this:

It is understood that you may be reluctant in depositing your phone to technicians maybe because of your past experiences or experiences of others shared to you about taking advantage of phones. Make sure that you sign with an agreement with the technician. Get a copy of the agreement and make sure that there is warranty with the parts that are being replaced in your phone. Remember, your phone is precious and you don’t want get another one.

Critical Youtube Skills for Every Video Creator

In the last few years, the video content space has been evolving at a terrific rate. In this, brands are increasingly identifying the important role that the digital space platforms have to offer. Platforms such as YouTube end up increasing a brand’s visibility as well as awareness. As such, brands are investing heavily in video content creation and this might end up intimidating individual creators. However, fine-tuning the following skills will come in handy for both brands and individuals alike.

  • Understanding the Platform – Comprehending all the basics of a specific platform forms the basis of getting numerous followers and hence achieving growth. Besides, a good understanding of YouTube helps you monetize your video content easily. For instance, you should ensure that know how to utilize card programming, cards, and even annotations. These end up driving traffic on your channel. Alternatively, you can simply boost your traffic when you buy YouTube subscribers online. The subscribers will keep up with your content and they can give you meaningful insights on how to improve your channel.
  • Content Research Skills – In order to keep your audience engaged, you should strive to post regularly. This can only be possible when you hone your content research skills. You end up having lots of topics to create new videos from. At other times, your social listening tools will be vital as friends and YouTube followers have lots of ideas.
  • Preparation of Equipment – These skills will narrow down to the type of video you intend to create. For instance, an illustration tutorial will have different needs as compared to a personal vlog. Some of the basic tools that you will need include a microphone, a camera, good lighting, storage, and even editing software.
  • Video editing Skills – You may have all the necessary equipment but without skills such as video editing, the quality of your content will be compromised. Luckily, there are numerous online video editing tools as well as tutorials online that can assist you with this.
  • Social Media Presence – Social media skills are for a YouTube video creator as it ends up allowing the capturing of more YouTube followers. Besides, it also allows you to distribute your content widely. If you feel like this will overwhelm you, strive to narrow down to fully understanding a few platforms other than YouTube. For instance, if you are a gaming vlogger, you can search for similar professionals on a few other sites. This way, you can easily link, share content or even strategize together. In the long run, these sites can add to your income streams which is an ideal thing. Finally, having a good online grounding will enable you to come across crowd funding websites which can help your subscribers raise funds for specific courses.
  • Personal Skills – To some YouTube content creators, being in front of the camera can be a scary experience. As such, you need to cultivate your personal skills so that you do not end up boring your YouTube followers. A quick tip to help you in this is to assume that the camera is one of your subscribers. As juts engage in a mono-conversation where you address them directly. Be charismatic, energetic and ensure that you do not steer off from the topic.

The above skills will assist both beginners and seasoned YouTube video creators. For those that might be too busy to market their videos traditionally, buying real youtube subscribers is an effective way to kick start your channel. Look for a trusted vendor who will ensure that they deliver natural subscribers who perfectly fit your niche. These will facilitate the growth of the channel over a short period.

3 Grams Digital Scales – An Accurate Digital Scales App

The need to be able to weight small objects has increased especially for people who measure their ingredients while cooking or following strict diets that need them to measure their food intake in grams. While you can buy a digital scale anytime from Amazon but why spend your money when you can do it through a free app from your smartphone through a Digital Scales App?

3 Grams Digital Scale app is an accurate weight measuring app for small objects using your mobile phones by tilting the sensors and camera and this app is available on both Android and Windows app stores. The best feature of this app is that the results are as accurate as measured by a real digital scale. A few features of this app have been listed below;

  1. An Accurate Digital Scale App:

This app uses your phones built-in sensors to measure the weight of the object. The app needs to be calibrated correctly and used properly to be able to give correct digital scale results. You will have to balance your phone on a curved or soft object and place the object whose weight needs to be calculated on the bottom of the phone and the app will give you accurate readings of the weight of the object.

  1. Visual Digital Scales for Larger Objects:

Larger objects cannot be placed on the bottom of the phone hence this app uses the phone’s camera to weight larger objects accurately if you calibrate the app correctly.

  1. Prank Using Digital Scales- Windows Version:

This app also has a fun feature of pranking your friends and family by using fake scales. You can pre-define up to 4 weight values or set the tare button to increase the weight value to prank your family for fun.

  1. Store and Convert Readings- Android Version:

The weights reading can be stored on the app and up to 4 readings are available which can be converted to other units as well. You just need to follow certain instructions to be able to do so and you will be able to access previous readings and convert them as well.

Benefits of 3 Grams Digital Scale App:

  • The results are accurate when compared to a digital scale.
  • Camera-based visual scales are also available for larger objects.
  • The prank scales feature can be used just from fun amongst family and friends.
  • The weight can be converted into multiple units for ease of use.
  • There is a video demonstration of the app given for the user to view and understand the app.
  • The number of decimal places can be adjusted as per your needs.
  • The app provides built-in help documentation for users to understand the interface better.
  • There is also a weed scale version available to measure marijuana in countries where it is legal.
  • Easy to access interface for the users.
  • Simulated weight measurements.
  • Both free and pro versions available as per the requirements of the user.

How to Use the App for Free:

This app gives you 4 free credits initially when you install the app and you can later earn more free credits by doing various things like visiting their twitter page or engaging in their social feeds. You will get free calibration coupon codes to use every time you engage. You just need to copy and paste these codes into the 3 Gram scale app and increase your credits. There are also times when you will win random credits when you start the app or by watching video ads in the app hence practically you can use the app for free. But if you are a regular user, then the pro version is also really great and the top-notch interface along with uninterrupted usage is worth the price.

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Can be Great For Your Business

Video content is the easiest to understand, whether it is a tutorial, a product demo, or even a simple recipe. It is one of the most powerful and versatile digital marketing tools of today.

63 percent businesses have already started using videos to promote their business. It is high time you made the switch too. Here are 5 reasons why you should be using video marketing for your business:

To boost your conversions

You can increase your conversions by 80 percent by adding a video to your landing page. This video can be an explanation of your business, a demo of your product or service, or even a story about why you started your business. Many people prefer watching videos over reading lengthy articles. They spend more time on your site when you put up a video. And if your video is engaging, the chances are high that it might compel them to purchase your product or sign up for your service.

To achieve better ROI

The main aim of doing any business is to obtain better and better returns. Video marketing makes this possible. In fact 83 percent businesses that have used video to promote their products have achieved excellent ROI. When compared to writing content, getting a video created through a video production company might cost you some extra time and money. But it will all seem worthwhile when you start getting the returns. Thankfully today there are so many apps and video editing tools that make it affordable to create professional videos and upload them on the internet.

To build trust

Businesses are built on trust and therefore, building trust has to be your number one goal in business. It is only trust that will help you establish long-term relationships with your customers. So stop putting in efforts to push your products to your customers and prospects. Instead, give them useful information in an interesting and engaging way, so that they can make informed decisions with regard to their purchases. And when the content is in the form of video, it becomes more effective to connect with your customers and build trust.

To appeal to Mobile Users

The number of smartphone users is growing year by year. More and more people are now using their smartphones to search for products on the internet. In fact 90 percent consumers prefer watching videos on their mobile phones. If you want to target this growing group of audience you will have to start coming up with engaging and compelling videos that can make them buy your products.

To encourage sharing on social media

Videos are the best way to connect with your target audience on an emotional level. And when you make that connect, you can be sure of getting a lot of shares on social media. This can drive more traffic to your site, increasing the chances of conversions and sales.

Video marketing is growing at a rapid pace across the world because of its success rate. All it needs is some creativity and high quality of content. Focus on the needs and expectations of your audience and make sure you deliver what appeals to them.

How to Select Best Software Development Partner?

The wide variety of options to outsource software development is both a blessing and a curse. While the competition makes it easier to find a service at a reasonable price, it also makes it difficult to identify a bespoke software development partner who is both reliable and competent. You will have to take the right steps to weed out services that are not going to be of use to you and select those that will support your business perfectly.

There is no exact recipe to identify the right software development partner. But here is a step-by-step guide that can make the process of selecting such a partner a lot easier:

Step #1: Set your goals

Before you start looking for a custom software development service it is important to understand why you are looking for one. So define your goal and find out what you want from this relationship. Can you do with just a backend team or do you want an end-to-end team that covers backend development, frontend development, project management, business analysis, designing, development, and testing? If you know what you need, searching becomes a lot easier. That said cost cannot be the only factor that you can depend on, to select from the options you have.

Step #2: Do your research

A lot of grunt work is usually needed before you can identify the best software development partner who can make your business move on smoothly. There are lots of ways to search for an advanced software development company; but if you want a trustworthy partner, it is better to go through an objective third party. Get recommendations from clients who have already used these services. Go through online reviews and check out the experience of the company across sectors or industries.

Step #3 – Shortlist promising companies

The above two steps should make it easier for you to compile a list of advanced software development companies that can cater to your general requirements. Have a system to filter out the options that don’t seem worthwhile to you. Your shortlist should ideally have about 5 companies.

Step #4: Assess the experience of the company

Now that you have a list of companies you need to check out, it is time to get more specific. At this stage you will have to check out the kind of experience each of these shortlisted custom software development companies have in your industry. Find out who their clients are and how many projects they have completed. Go through their case studies and find out if they have the relevant experience with the technologies that you want to work with. See if they have certifications if any in their respective technologies.

A bespoke software development partner is one who will work with you to identify the best solution for your problems. Eliminate any communication, cultural, or time zone barriers between you and your partner. Make sure their services fit into your budget and they are available for you whenever you need. Have multiple interviews and then make your decision.

What Makes Tamper Proof Screws the Best on Matters of Security?

Tamper proof screws are widely used as a security device to protect equipment against sabotage, theft, and vandalism. To install a security screw is made quite simple while removal of the same bolt will require a specialized tool different from the one used for the installation. This makes it hard if not impossible to vandalize or steal equipment fitted with these tamper proof screws. For instance, a one-way security screw will automatically reject a drive if it is turned in the wrong direction. If the drive is moved in a counterclockwise direction to the right it will accept it. If it is turned in the left direction, it automatically rejects the drive. Therefore, this makes tamper proof screws the best on matters of security. This article covers some features that make tamper proof screws the best on matters of security.

Unconventional drive style. These security screws are purely meant to reduce any form of interference with equipment. They are aimed to reduce, make it impossible or at least difficult for thieves and destroyers to steal or vandalize equipment. This is achieved by making any removal of a security bolt hard. To remove a security bolt, you will require a specialized tool that is made purely for removing a specific bolt, nut or screw. There is no one-fit-it-all equipment that can be used to remove several types of nuts. Therefore, to remove a security screw, you need to have a specialized tool designed for removing a particular bolt. If you have insufficient knowledge on the type of screw fitted in a product you won’t remove it. You must have a clear knowledge of the specifications of the screws used in that product to acquire a special tool to remove them. This makes security screws the best in matters of security as removal of nuts are only left for the experts.

One direction feature. Some security screws such as the one-way security screws detect the direction of security drives. If it is moved in the wrong direction, the screw automatically rejects the security drive or bits. The head of these security screws is fitted with a slotted drive that is meant to instantly cause a cam out if the security bit is rotated in a wrong direction. To achieve this, security drives are manufactured in quadrants which are raised to accept the security bit when the drive is turned right. They are set to reject them is the drive is turned left.

Easy installation. Another special feature of the tamper proof screws that promotes equipment security is the easiness of installing a security screw. It requires just a standard bit which is slotted. However, to remove the same bolt is made hard or impossible. A special tool is required to remove or loosen the nut. Installation and tightening of a security screw is made simpler compared to removal of the same belt to facilitate efficiency in functioning. If the bolt loosens due to friction, it is easier to tighten them. Are you looking for security screw? Click here to know more about security screw.

6 Important Cybersecurity Lessons For Small Businesses

We live in an increasingly digital world. Every year brings new technological advancements, more advanced IT security systems, and more sophisticated cyber threats.

It’s more important now than ever before to be aware of these threats and how to protect yourself against them. This is especially true if you’re a business owner, as the future of your company could depend on it.

With that in mind, here are 6 important cybersecurity lessons for small businesses.

1. Watch out for malware

Malware is probably the biggest threat to your network security. Malware is malicious software that infects and compromises your IT systems, allowing hackers to potentially access important or confidential business data.

There are many ways that malware can become installed on your business IT systems, but one of the most common ways is via dubious downloads. Make sure your staff are aware of these risks and avoid downloading anything from unfamiliar sources – particularly email attachments.

2. Be wary of email links

One of the most common ways malware finds it way into your IT systems is through email. Often, hackers will send ‘phishing emails’ with links that seem to point to legitimate websites but in reality direct you to a dangerous website. As soon as you click them, your system is compromised. Always check where links point to before you click them by hovering over them first, and never click a link you don’t recognize.

3. Backup your data

Losing data due to a cyber attack can be costly. Make sure you back up all important data to protect yourself from this threat. Follow the 3-2-1 rule by making 3 copies, storing 2 of them on different media forms, and 1 of them physically off-site (such as on a USB stick in a secure facility).

4. Set up multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication means installing a separate layer of security so that if your password is compromised, the hacker still needs to go through an additional step, such as text authentication. It’s a simple step, but an important one. Of course, it’s better if they never get to the second step, which brings us onto the fifth tip.

5. Have robust passwords

Always use robust, unique passwords. Ideally, your password will be a mixture of letters, numbers, and characters and be as long as possible. You should also make sure to use a different password for all your online accounts. That way, if one password is ever compromised, it won’t put all your other accounts and IT systems at risk.

6. Don’t try and do it alone

Finally, don’t try and handle cybersecurity alone. Businesses need professional help to make sure they have robust IT systems and data protection in place. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you consult an IT support company and take out an IT support package.

It might seem like a costly investment, but it won’t be nearly as costly as a cybersecurity breach could be in the future.

Are You Ready to Cut the Cable Cord? Tips to Make the Transition Easier

If you have been watching channels on your cable TV connection for years, then the decision to cut the cable cord and switch to streaming services can really be big. Cable TV must have become your comfort zone and getting out of it after these many years and moving to an unknown streaming territory may be an overwhelming feeling.

Just to make your transition easier, we have listed a few tips below;

Cable TV and Streaming Services are Not Mutually Exclusive:

It is not necessary to opt for streaming services; you should cut off your cable. Subscribe to a streaming service, most of them offer a one-month free subscription. Test your waters and try to become comfortable watching streaming services, frankly, there is nothing to hate about it as it a brilliant way to keep you entertained. This trial phase will help you get used to watching streaming services and your cable TV can also be watched along so that you feel comfortable through the transition.

Reduce Your Cable TV Package:

Many cable TV services let you choose channels and only pay for the ones you want to watch just to compete with satellite TV. Make use of this feature and start reducing the channels you do not need to watch. This way, you will be able to afford to subscribe to streaming services.

Experiment by Pausing Your Cable TV Subscription:

The next step would be to call your operator to pause your subscription for a month just to experience how you feel about absolutely no cable TV and only watching streaming services. Most probably you will get so hooked on to streaming services that you may not miss your cable TV at all but if you do, then you can always turn it back on.

Consider What Your Family Feels:

Getting rid of cable TV cannot be your individual decision if you are living with a family. You need to ask individually everyone in your family about how they feel if you decided to cut off cable TV. They may not be as ready as you are to cut the cords then you just will have to wait for them to be prepared for the transition. Also, make sure to check the number of users that can access the streaming service you are opting for as a few do not allow multiple users and you will have to buy an individual subscription. Consider and compare the costings as well before making a decision.

Choose Streaming Services that Also Stream TV channels:

There are streaming services which streams video on demand as well as TV channels hence by subscribing to such a service, you will not miss your cable TV as well as you can enjoy the benefits of streaming. Opting to get an IPTV subscription can let you enjoy the perks of both TV channels as well as VOD (Video on Demand) on all your smart devices. You need not worry anymore about missing your favorite news broadcast or watching live sports anymore.

Most people get used to streaming services quite soon and do really miss cable TV, but if you feel that streaming service is not your cup of tea then you can always go back to your old cable TV until you are ready for the shift.