5 Uses of Wood Burning Stove

Whether you want to cook your meals or heat up your home, a wood burning stove can work out really inexpensive. And since wood is a renewable resource, a wood burning stove saves not just your money, but also the environment.

There is another benefit of purchasing a wood burning stove. It is a multipurpose tool that can make you self-reliant. Here is what you can do with wood burning stoves:

Heating the house

If you live in a cold climate, you will need some appliance to keep yourself warm, especially during winter times. You can choose from a fire place, an HVAC system, a gas furnace, or a wood burning stove.  But if you wish to keep your home warm throughout the day, you can go for a combination of two of these options. For instance, you can switch on your HVAC system keeping your thermostat at about 58 degrees F, when you are away. Once you are back home, you can fire up your wood stove. You can get good wood burning fireplace inserts too.

Cooking Food

The best part of a wood heat stove is that it has a large flat surface. This will make it easier for you to set pots of bigger sizes too. Also since a wood heat stove is compatible with many kinds of utensils, you can enjoy a variety of options. You can even create your own oven on top of your wooden stove.

Drying laundry

During the rainy season when it becomes difficult to dry your laundry, your wood heat stove can come as a blessing to you. All that you need to do is place a drying rack behind or on top of your stove and put up your laundry there for drying. This can be a great alternative for drying your laundry, should your dryer break down at any point of time.

Dehydrating food

If you wish to preserve your fruits, vegetables, and meats for longer, you might have to dehydrate them to remove their moisture. This is best done by hanging your foods behind your wood heat stove.

Heating Water

If you are out camping, a wood heat stove can prove to be very useful. You can heat large quantities of water for bathing. You can also keep your tea pot on it to make tea. If you remove its lid while heating, the evaporating water will work in humidifying your space.

There are many more uses you can find for your wood burning stove. Not only does it add to your cooking convenience, it will also heat up your space keeping you comfortable. In short, it offers excellent value for your money.