3 Grams Digital Scales – An Accurate Digital Scales App

The need to be able to weight small objects has increased especially for people who measure their ingredients while cooking or following strict diets that need them to measure their food intake in grams. While you can buy a digital scale anytime from Amazon but why spend your money when you can do it through a free app from your smartphone through a Digital Scales App?

3 Grams Digital Scale app is an accurate weight measuring app for small objects using your mobile phones by tilting the sensors and camera and this app is available on both Android and Windows app stores. The best feature of this app is that the results are as accurate as measured by a real digital scale. A few features of this app have been listed below;

  1. An Accurate Digital Scale App:

This app uses your phones built-in sensors to measure the weight of the object. The app needs to be calibrated correctly and used properly to be able to give correct digital scale results. You will have to balance your phone on a curved or soft object and place the object whose weight needs to be calculated on the bottom of the phone and the app will give you accurate readings of the weight of the object.

  1. Visual Digital Scales for Larger Objects:

Larger objects cannot be placed on the bottom of the phone hence this app uses the phone’s camera to weight larger objects accurately if you calibrate the app correctly.

  1. Prank Using Digital Scales- Windows Version:

This app also has a fun feature of pranking your friends and family by using fake scales. You can pre-define up to 4 weight values or set the tare button to increase the weight value to prank your family for fun.

  1. Store and Convert Readings- Android Version:

The weights reading can be stored on the app and up to 4 readings are available which can be converted to other units as well. You just need to follow certain instructions to be able to do so and you will be able to access previous readings and convert them as well.

Benefits of 3 Grams Digital Scale App:

  • The results are accurate when compared to a digital scale.
  • Camera-based visual scales are also available for larger objects.
  • The prank scales feature can be used just from fun amongst family and friends.
  • The weight can be converted into multiple units for ease of use.
  • There is a video demonstration of the app given for the user to view and understand the app.
  • The number of decimal places can be adjusted as per your needs.
  • The app provides built-in help documentation for users to understand the interface better.
  • There is also a weed scale version available to measure marijuana in countries where it is legal.
  • Easy to access interface for the users.
  • Simulated weight measurements.
  • Both free and pro versions available as per the requirements of the user.

How to Use the App for Free:

This app gives you 4 free credits initially when you install the app and you can later earn more free credits by doing various things like visiting their twitter page or engaging in their social feeds. You will get free calibration coupon codes to use every time you engage. You just need to copy and paste these codes into the 3 Gram scale app and increase your credits. There are also times when you will win random credits when you start the app or by watching video ads in the app hence practically you can use the app for free. But if you are a regular user, then the pro version is also really great and the top-notch interface along with uninterrupted usage is worth the price.