5 JEE Preparation Tips for Exam Success

Lakhs of candidates take JEE every year; but cracking it is not that easy. Unless you put in a lot of time, plan it all well, and study effectively, getting a good score will be difficult.  Here are a few tips that you can use:

Make Sure You Use the Right Books

Getting hold of the right books is very important if you want to prepare effectively for JEE. People will normally recommend NCERT books; but there are also a number of other books you can refer to gain knowledge about various topics and concepts.

Understand the Structure

In fact the first ever task you should do, before applying for JEE is to understand its pattern. If you have enrolled for online or offline JEE classes, you should have got the information that you are looking for. If not, you can find it all on the official website of JEE.

Know the Syllabus

Only a complete overview of the JEE main syllabus will give you all the information that you need about the various topics and chapters you need to be focusing upon.  This will also tell you a lot about the main objects of question setters and authors, along with a lot other details.

Solve a Few Question Papers of JEE Main

Try solving a few JEE Main question papers, either of the previous years or sample ones. In case you have enrolled into an online or offline JEE preparation course, you will have access to JEE Main Mock Test 2020. This will help you understand not just the question pattern and the types of questions you might get, but also the marking scheme as well as the duration of the exam. In fact the more mock tests you take the better will be your time-management and exam-taking abilities.

Focus on Subject-Wise Preparation

You will have to focus on Math, Physics and Chemistry to prepare for JEE Main. Math will require problem-solving skills. However, you will first have to understand the theory in order to apply it to the problems. You will have to practice as much as possible to get fluent at Math.

Physics involves deeper understanding of concepts so that you can apply them in real-life scenarios. Avoid rote learning and try to understand the core concepts of physics. For mastery in Chemistry, you will have to get good at reactions, equations, and mechanisms. Familiarize yourself with the various names of elements, their symbols, as well as diagrams.

The above tips should put you on the right track to prepare for JEE Main. Talk to a few who might have already taken the JEE Main exam and find out how they overcame their challenges. Be in touch with your professors so that you can clarify queries if any.