7 Incredible Benefits of Log Burning Stoves

A log burning stove is not just a source of heat for your home, it can also help you cook quite a few delicious meals for your family. Also, since wood is a renewable resource, a wood burning stove could be an economical and energy-efficient addition to your kitchen.

Some of the modern Log burners stoves are really good in terms of aesthetics as well as performance. Here are a few things you would like to know about log burning stoves before making your decision on buying one:

You can place it anywhere you want

A log burning stove can be placed anywhere in your house, provided you have a vent pipe running outside your home. Place a couple of them in different places and you won’t even need a central heating system.

Better quality heating

The quality of heat given out by a wood burning stove is much higher than any other appliance. By radiating heat from all sides to all directions, a wood burning stove can warm up an area not only faster but also in a more efficient manner than a vent system that blows out warm air.

Eco-friendly Alternative

When compared to the fossil fuels such as coal, propane, and natural gas that are usually used for heating, wood is a lot more eco-friendly option. Unlike these alternatives, a wood burning stove does not add carbon-dioxide to the environment when it burns wood. In fact the wood that your stove uses absorbs the carbon dioxide that is found in the atmosphere, maintaining that perfect balance during combustion.

Inexpensive source of heating

You can easily save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills every year by replacing your central heating system with a couple of wood-burning stoves. Your cost per BTU will be much lesser with a wood-burning stove, when compared to a stove that uses gas, electricity, or even oil.

It is self-contained

If you live in one of those places that have occasional power outages, you will be thankful for buying yourself a wood-burning stove. It does not need any electricity or gas to operate. It will keep you warm round the clock, throughout the year, irrespective of your electricity or gas supply.

It can make your cooking very convenient

Whether you want to have a party at your back yard or go for a picnic with your family and friends, a Wood burner stove can make it very convenient for you to cook your meals. You have to choose a model that can double up as a stove top. You might need a little practice with placing your cookware and adjusting the temperature; but once you do it, you will see that it is perfect for your cooking.

Great aesthetics

More than anything else, having a modern wood-burning stove in your home can improve its aesthetics and compliment your décor. If you are up to a little shopping around, you can get one in a style, size and finish that goes perfectly with your theme.

You can choose from a variety of wood burning stoves. But make sure you ask for professional installation to keep things safe. Learn a thing or two about cleaning and maintenance before the certified technician who installs your stove, leaves your home.