Copy of Fun Things To Do In Your 4×4

When it comes to the open road, some people want a bit more of a challenge. Cruising gently down B-roads and motorways is less of an effort than other kinds of driving, but is it rewarding? A lot of the time it cannot be avoided as you may be travelling to work or to visit family. However, there are times when a more rugged approach is called for. When you drive along smooth tarmac roads, do you ever gaze longingly at the hills and fields that surround you? Do you feel the call of the wild and wish you could be out there among the trees and streams of the English countryside? You do? Then maybe it is time you considered trying out a 4×4 vehicle.

There are some many more options open to you if you own an off-road car. Let’s say that you want to go off the beaten track and into somewhere a bit more primal. It’s not really going to be much fun in your average everyday saloon is it? Getting stuck in mud, having to ask bedraggled family members to get out and push. Having to flag down passing motorists for a tow rope or jump start because your spark plugs are soggy. It just won’t do.

There are no such worries where a 4×4 vehicle is concerned. These beasts are designed precisely for getting out into the open. Sure, they can easily handle roads and motorways with aplomb. They are spacious, comfortable and reliable machines, but it is not what they are made for. They want to feel the grass underneath their tires. They want to frolic in streams and rivers. They love getting dirty and having mud spattered all over them. Does that sound like fun? You bet it does!

The main makers of these cars in the UK have traditionally been Land-Rover and Range Rover. But now other large manufacturers are getting in on the act. Mercedes, BMW and Vauxhall and Ford all have 4x4s in their stables, but some of them are more geared towards luxury than playing rough.

Listed below are some suggestions for putting your 4×4 to good use.

Camping Trips

There are thousands of campsites all across the United Kingdom. These range from places in the cold climates of Scotland, right down to the warmer parts of the British Isles like Cornwall and Devon. A lot of these sites are accessible via trains, coaches and, of course, cars. They can sometimes feel a little too homely, however, and you can find more home comforts in a caravan that you have in your actual home! It would be much more adventurous to pack your tent and equipment in the back of a 4×4 and head for the hills. If you don’t own a 4×4 the this is going to hard to accomplish, but never fear! There are many places where you can lay your hands on one who offer a wide range of used Land Rovers. Just think, you would have loads of room in a 4×4 for all of your equipment plus you have the freedom to take it pretty much anywhere you like. Go out and explore some new terrain, you will be glad you did!


If there is a will, there is a way. That applies to lots of things in life and now includes fulfilling the desire to race four wheel drive cars! Bowler Offroad offers such a place where you can do just that. They have specially modified Landrover Defenders that will enable you to test your mettle against muck and mire. You will fly around their specially designed course. Originally started by boss Drew Bowler, the course is designed to prepare entrants for famous rally events. The Dakar Rally is one such event. This option lets them get some much-needed practice. At the Bowler Offroad course, you will see Defenders kitting out with modifications that better equip them for the demands of the race track. They come with sporty decorations like race numbers and the like. Let’s hope they also have go-faster stripes because, let’s face it, in an ancient Landrover Defender you will need all the help you can get!

So if you were considering a 4×4 off-road vehicle as a potential car, these fun alternatives to road driving may have given the inspiration you needed. Get yourself down to a local dealer and start asking questions! Just one thing, be prepared for mud and lots if it and don’t forgot the LED Work Lights for 4×4 too. Happy Riding !