What is the Working Mode of the Shrink Packaging Machine

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for various foods, medicines and materials has also greatly increased, which has further promoted the rapid development of my country’s food packaging industry. As one of the indispensable machinery in the field of medical and food production, packaging machine is a rapidly developing and promising mechanical system. Shrink packaging machine is the most common automatic packaging machine in the production field, so what is its working mode? Just get to know the editor!

After the shrink packaging machine starts to operate, the feeding motor drives the conveyor belt to run naturally and the materials are continuously transported to the automatic packaging machine. A photoelectric switch monitors the material entering the equipment and then sends the signal to the programmable controller. The programmable controller sends a signal according to the pre-programmed control program to change the stacking solenoid valve that controls the stacking cylinder, and the internal equipment of the stacking cylinder generates corresponding actions .

After the stacking is in place, the stacking magnetic switch detects the relevant signal and sends the relevant signal to the PLC, and controls the output position of the stacking solenoid valve through the program established in the PLC. After the work is completed, the stacking solenoid valve coil is closed and reset in time.

Generally speaking, the bottom layer conditions are controlled by the external counter itself, which is not affected by the program for judgment and manual operation according to different packaging varieties. When the stack condition is met, the plc will get an indication signal to prompt the plc to edit and issue instructions for the next step.

The timing device is an external relay device, mainly used to control the time of the melt sealing knife. The so-called main timer signal is input to the PLC and controls its input time, so as to achieve the scientific design and reasonable goal. When PLC melting knife breakage occurs, the solenoid pressure valve stack outputs a constant command, which makes the melting knife decrease in time.

When the reset operation of the melt knife cylinder actuator, the key to the response is to guide the movement of the cylinder as a prerequisite for the main means of the back of the laminated body, and to push the reset group.

The packaging speed of shrink packaging machine The development trend of packaging machinery in the world is toward the direction of electromechanical integration, simple structure, high production speed, and low production cost. The packaging speed of shrink packaging machine reaches more than 80 packs per minute.