How to Choose the Best Tiles for Every Room of Your Home?

Of all the flooring solutions, tiles happen to be the most popular and efficient option that is used these days. Apart from being durable and strong, they also make your home look absolutely classy. Easy to clean and maintain, these tiles are available in a variety of designs and colors that can blend perfectly with your home’s décor.

You can find a variety of options when you look for Spanish tiles UK. But what you choose depends totally on where you want to place it. Here is a guide you would want to follow while choosing tiles for the different rooms of your home:

Tiles for the Bathroom

Ceramic tiles are best for bathrooms. You can choose glazed varieties for your walls; but for the floors it is better to go for tiles made of natural stones such as slate, sandstone or granite. These offer an excellent grip and are safer to walk on, when the floor is wet. Go for bright-colored tiles that come with a non-skid matte finish. These are best for your bathroom floor and add character. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.

For the walls you can also choose mosaic tiles made from porcelain or glass. Choose tiles that offer durability along with style and elegance. You can mix and match them and even add borders to them.

Tiles for your Kitchen

Ceramic tiles go well for your kitchen floor too. Look for non-skid tiles that are safe to walk on since the kitchen floor is always prone to getting wet. Go for a shade of brown or gold that don’t highlight stains or scratches. Use small glossy ceramic or mosaic tiles for your kitchen wall since they are easy to clean.

Tiles for the Living Room

Larger tiles are always better for living rooms. Go for grey or ivory-colored tiles that match with your interiors. If you want to give it an antique look you can even go for terracotta tiles. Else, there are many options in ceramic tiles, natural stones, porcelain, and Italian marble to choose from. If your living room is large and spacious you can even go for textured, designer marble tiles.

Tiles for passageways and corridors

These are spaces of high traffic that are prone to dirt, wear and tear. Hence you may want to choose earthy or dark colored tiles that can camouflage such issues.

Tiles for the Roof

White is the preferred color for roof tiles since they can reduce the temperature of your room dramatically. Else you can go for basic colors. You can use terracotta tiles or even reclaimed tiles.

Go through a few magazines and browse through the net for images of tiles that you may like. But make sure they go with the style of your home. Consider the size of your room, before choosing the size of your tiles.

Choosing the right grout color is also very important while choosing tiles for your home. If you want to give it a subtle effect, you can use a complimentary color. To highlight the design and lines, go for a contrasting grout. Make sure the grouted areas are sealed well to avoid stains.