15 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Baker

Your Wedding Cake will be one of the major decoration pieces on your wedding day hence you need to be very careful about the design and the flavors. The cake industry has progressed so well in the past few years that you can get any damn cake you have dreamed about on your wedding day. There are hundreds of bakers out there and you can easily shortlist a few of them who fit your requirements from Wedding Cakes – Styckie.

Before you make your first deposit, ask these basic questions to the baker as it is important to clear all points before you finally hire them;

  1. Are You Available to Bake the Cake on My Wedding Date?

This should probably be the first question you need to ask as there is no point of further discussion if the baker is unavailable on your wedding day.

  1. How are your Cakes Priced?

This is another important question you need to ask as it is essential to know beforehand if you could afford that baker. Roughly tell the baker your requirements and ask them to provide approximate pricing before you proceed.

  1. Does the Price Include the Cake’s Top Tier?

Many couples like to save the top tier for their first anniversary, but few bakers do not include the pricing of the top tier in the overall price hence make it clear beforehand.

  1. Where can I View the Gallery of Your Work?

It is no use talking in detail with a baker if you are not convinced by their baking skills hence view a gallery of their work first to decide if you like what they have to offer.

  1. Is Your Speciality Fondant or Buttercream?

Different bakers work with different frosting. If you have a particular frosting in mind, make sure that the baker has already worked with it.

  1. What are the Filling Options?

Again, there are multiple filling options and you may be hell-bent to include a few particular fillings in your wedding cake. Discuss beforehand the filling they do.

  1. Can You Make Sugar Ornaments? 

The cake has become more of a wedding ornament nowadays hence cake decoration is really important. The latest trend going around in the wedding cake business is sugar flowers and jewels. Make sure the baker knows to make these elements.

  1. Is There a Sample Tasting Before I Place a Deposit?

Make sure that the baker is letting you taste the flavors to choose from before you make a payment as at the end of the day apart from decoration, the taste of the cake is also important.

  1. How Many Days Prior to My Wedding the Cake Will be Prepared?

Do not be surprised to know that the bakers complete baking and decorating a wedding cake 3-4 days prior to the wedding if they have multiple orders. This should not be a problem but make sure that it is not too many days prior to the wedding as you do not want the cake to taste stale.

  1. Who is Going to Bake my Cake?

Do not talk to the assistant or accountant but talk directly to the person who is baking your cake as you do not need a third person specifying your requirements to the baker.

  1. Will You Provide the Cake Stand?

Many bakers let you rent a stand for a day. They will have multiple options hence choose a cake stand for your cake.

  1. How do You Deliver?

Make sure that the pricing includes delivery charges as well. Plan beforehand the time they will arrive at the venue, how long they need to set it up, if they need a refrigerator at the venue and how much space they need for setting up and arranging the cake on the venue.

  1. How many Years have You Been in This Business?

You will not want to hire a newbie on your wedding day. Know clearly how many years they have been baking wedding cakes to feel assured that you have hired a baking company which knows how to do its job.