4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Office Cleaning Service

Hiring an office cleaning service is just like hiring an employee for your team. You will have to do your homework on the office cleaning company you choose and make sure the company can fulfil your cleaning requirements perfectly.

You can find many office cleaners Brisbane if you run a search online. However, if you want to select the best, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are a few questions that will help you pick the right office cleaning service:

#1. Are you currently servicing any company that is similar to ours? For how long have you been servicing them?

Experience matters a lot when it comes to office cleaning. And if the office cleaning service you choose comes with industry expertise, you can be assured of spotless spaces that are up to your satisfaction. Go through their reviews and ask for some references to find out how satisfied their clients are from their service.

#2. What is the process you follow to hire office cleaners?

If you don’t want to be stuck with an office cleaning company where every worker is a fresher, you will have to make sure the staff that they have hired comes with the right expertise and experience. Find out if the company does a thorough background check before hiring staff members. See if they test their skills before hiring them as office cleaners. If not, they must at least provide the right training that makes their employees fit for the job.

#3. What kind of training do you provide to your employees?

Office cleaning is not as easy as you may think. It requires use of the proper tools and techniques to achieve best results without any kind of damage. This necessitates intense training that the office cleaning company should provide to its employees. Find out what kind of precautions they take while using harmful chemicals during cleaning. Check if the employees are trained towards your industry.

#4. What kind of cleaning services does your company provide?

Dusting and standard vacuuming are stuff that all office cleaning companies provide. But other than this, you will also want to make sure they can clean carpets, hard floors, and windows. If you need power washing for your exteriors, you will want to know if they provide this service. Find out if they offer cleaning services for special events. See if their services include disinfecting telephones, light switches, and door knobs.

Providing a safe and clean work environment to your employees is your responsibility as a business owner. A good office cleaning company can make this easier for you. So make sure you always choose the best.