The Two Main Carpet Cleaning Methods and Their Pros and Cons

There are many carpet cleaning methods that professional carpet cleaning companies use, to remove dirt and stains from carpets. However, before you hire a carpet cleaning sunshine coast company it is important that you understand these methods.

There are basically two methods in carpet cleaning: wet cleaning and dry cleaning. While wet cleaning includes the use of hot water, steam, and absorbent pads, dry cleaning involves the application of chemical powders and foams using special machines such as cylinders, pads, and counter rotating brushes.

Wet Cleaning Method

Wet cleaning, steam cleaning, or hot water extraction method involves pre-conditioning of the carpet using a chemical reagent, which liquefies the oil-based substances and soils present in the fibers of the carpet. Then hot water is injected into the carpet in a pressurized manner and left for 10 to 15 minutes. After this the carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed till it is spotlessly clean.

The best thing about wet cleaning is that it can get out the soils from every fiber of the carpet. It is hygienic and best for oil and liquid spills. A widely used method, wet cleaning is usually recommended by many carpet manufacturers and professional cleaning experts. However, it might take a while for your carpet to dry if the cleaning service that you choose does not make use of any powerful equipment to make this faster.

You can also clean your carpet using an absorbent pad if you want to hasten the drying process. However, it might lead to accumulation of dirt and chemicals at the bottom of the carpet fibers.

Dry Cleaning Method

In this method a chemical powder that includes cleaning agents and special solvents will be first spread over the carpet. Then the same will be worked into the fibers of the carpet using a machine that is fitted with counter-rotating brushes. The soils will be well-absorbed by this powder while it is allowed to set. Once absorbed, all the soils will be sucked out through vacuuming.

This type of carpet cleaning is very fast and simple with no requirement of technical training. You can start using your carpet within just about 20 minutes. However, this method may not be fit for plush pile carpets where the powder might get trapped. This method works well for lightly soiled carpets as it doesn’t do deep cleaning.

The type of carpet used, the kind of dirt that is accumulated in your carpet, and the budget you have in mind are the factors that you will have to consider before choosing the right carpet cleaning method. A professional cleaning service should be able to help you in making this decision.